Only in Italy

(or possibly France) could you have a two handed yacht race, where cooking counted in the points

Wednesday July 10th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy
A star-studded cast took part in the second ever running of the San Pellegrino Cooking Cup - a unique contest of sailing, held in Venice's lagoon.

Nafta, run by Amer Sport One's Italian crewman Stefano Rizzi, won the sailing side of the competion, while Spin-one's turned out the best food in the gastronomic contest, and Glenfield with Bruno Peyron and Simone Bianchetti were first over all winning the Challenger S. Pellegrino Trophy.

Only two yachts out of 70 competing managed to make it to the finishing line in time to complete the race. But all the dishes prepared by the chefs down below were scored.

The Silver Pan, the Challenger S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup Trophy, was awarded to Orange skipper and creator of The Race, Bruno Peyron and Simone Bianchetti, skipper of the Open 60 Tiscali. They prepared the dishes: stuffed grape leaves and philly cheesecake. This was felt to have outshone Stefano
Rizzi's adriatic palette and candied melba peaches, but not Spin-one's Ghiaccio Amore e Fantasia (Ice Love and Imagination) and Dolce Strambata (Sweet Gybing).

The event took place over a 10 mile stretch between the Venetian Lido and S. Clemente Island across the Malamocco Canal and the comments from down below were that the chefs were (for once) quite happy with the light conditions to prepare their culinary masterpieces.

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