The Swedish Holmberg

In part 2 of our inteview with him, Magnus Holmberg talks about the Swedish Match Tour
Continued on from part 1... While his focus is currently on Victory Challenge, Magnus Holmberg's other interest is the Swedish Match Tour. This series of international match racing events is obviously a hot bed for America's Cup talent and Holmberg was overall winner of the 2000-1 season. Aside from his Olympic career Holmberg took part in numerous international match racing events and was suitably inspired to establish the annual match racing event in Marstrand, Swede. This has since become the premier event in the Swedish Match Tour. "I sold the idea to the club and to the main sponsors, Swedish Match, and worked as project manager for the event for six years or so," explains Holmberg. "It was first held in 1994. After going around to all the match racing events as a skipper I thought we should have an event like that in Sweden. I have been involved a little bit the whole time pretty much up until the time I started to get involved in Victory Challenge, then I dropped my engagement." He has many ideas about how the Tour could be developed. "There could probably be one or two more events, but I think the important thing is to raise the level of the individual events," he told madfor sailing. "That will be important for the future of the Tour." One way of doing this is to introduce a fleet of one design match racing boats that would be shipped around between events. Sports marketing companny, Octagon, who run the Tour (but not all the individual events it comprises) are currently looking into this. "That would be a great idea," says Holmberg. "I think that would be very helpful for different reasons. One reason is the possibility for anyone to organise an event and at this stage one major obstacle