RORC amendments

The Royal Ocean Racing Club have amended some of their safety regulations

Wednesday July 10th 2002, Author: Janet Grosvenor, Location: United Kingdom
RORC have issued the following amendments to their programme

Amendment No 2 to the 2002 RORC Programme

page 49 General Conditions 5(a) RACING RULES AND REGULATIONS

ISAF Special Regulations
Insert additional sentence after the existing one - When details of Special Regulations cannot be met the Committee may accept an alternative.

page 71 Special Regulations 5.01.3

delete 5.01.3 A harness and lifejacket shall be worn by a crewmember who is wearing a foul - weather suit

insert 5.01.3 A harness and lifejacket shall be worn MoMu0,1,2,3
a) between the hours of sunset and sunrise
b) when alone on deck
c) when reefed
d) when the true wind speed is 25 knots or above
e) when the visibility is less than one nautical mile

page 13 Memorandum on Safety Harness & Lifejacket

delete text in red box.


SR 3.28.1 Engine, Generators, Fuel

delete from the right hand column 'Mo 3'

insert new paragraph- A propulsion engine shall be provided, either in accordance with 3.28.1 above, or as an outboard engine with associated tanks and fuel supply systems, all securely fastened.

insert opposite to paragraph in right hand column 'Mo 3'

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