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New trophies announced for Ford Cork Week

Tuesday April 23rd 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
The bragging by Cowes Combined Clubs, over Skandia Life Cowes Week carrying more prestigeous trophies than its Irish counterpart has clearly been taken to heart by the Royal Cork Yacht Club, who have unlocked their trophy cabinet and dusted off several pots which they describe as "very special and virtually priceless heirlooms" which will be awarded to winners at this year's Ford Cork Week, on 13-19 July.

New for this year are the Atlantic Fleet Trophy, The Dream Salver, and The Kinsale Kettle. Respectively these will be for the farthest travelled yacht, top IRM or sportsboat and for the top local boat.

The addition of these prizes, says RCYC Admiral David O'Brien is "a clear sign of commitment to Ford Cork Week on the part of the Royal Cork Yacht Club, and a measure of the importance we attach to our biennial regatta. In many respects these items are irreplaceable, and while they will remain in the club's possession, those who win them will have secured an association with a wonderful set of trophies".

Event Chairman James McGrath added that "the competition at Ford Cork Week is always intense, but we expect that these beautiful objects will encourage crews to re-double their efforts."

Entries in Ford Cork Week are now up to 400, more than the organisers predicted. Event Office Administrator Maritta Buwalda highlighted the "high level of enthusiasm among the sailing community for Ford Cork Week" as being at least comparable to previous regattas. "We are in almost constant contact with sailors here in the Event Office, and the level of support for Ford Cork Week is simply fantastic."

Maritta went on to point out that those competitors who have not entered would be advised to do so as soon as possible - the official closing date for entries is May 1st at 23:59hours. However after this date, entries can still be placed subject to a 50% entry fee surcharge.

Some background: Trophies at Ford Cork Week

By 1858, Royal Cork Yacht Club was already 138 years old and a new Clubhouse at Cobh had recently been completed. The Club's regattas had developed a familiar form - the social side was carried out with great enthusiasm and the racing was intense.

These magnificent trophies were given to mark the completion of that new Clubhouse and other significant events in the Royal Cork's long history and they are being presented once again at Ford Cork Week 2002:

Royal Cork Cup - Boat of the Week IRC
The Boat of the Week - open to IRC Yachts racing in Classes which require Endorsed IRC certificates - will be presented with the Royal Cork Cup. This silver flagon is engraved RCYC Challenge Cup and was first presented by B.Carroll, Esq. in 1859 according to club records for competition between yachts belonging to Cork Harbour. In 2002 no such restrictions will apply.
The race officer's report for the 21 July 1859 shows that the winner was Flirt owned by Capt. Harry O¹Bryan who was second over the line but won on corrected time.

Dream Salver - Top IRM or sportsboat
The highest placed yacht overall in either the new High Performance Class (IRM) or any Sportsboat Class will be presented with this Trophy. In 1858, on the 16 September at 11 o¹clock exactly as the Officer of the day¹s notes tell us, 12 large yachts started from the club line off Queenstown (now called Cobh). The 40 mile course was Spit Beacon to starboard, Great Sovereign Island outside Oysterhaven to starboard, Spit Beacon to port and finish at the clubhouse. Some 4 hours 42 minutes & 20 seconds later the Dream, 31 tons, owned by Martin Hayes crossed the finishing line. Vigilant, 34 tons, owned by John C. Atkins came in just 15 seconds later. Martin Hayes on corrected time kept his place and collected significant prize money for his efforts that day, but more importantly he won for the first time the prize which became known as the 'Dream Salver'/

Galtee-More Cup - Top Swan
This formidable piece of silverware, which most modern silversmiths would take a lifetime making, was given to the Royal Cork Yacht Club by John Gubbins, Esq in 1897. It is open to all Swans in the IRC Fleet at FCW 2002.

Northumberland Salver - top classic yacht
The winning Classic Yacht in our new Classic Fleet (pre-1975) will be presented with the elegant Northumberland Salver. This silver salver was presented to the Royal Cork Yacht Club by the Captain and Officers of HMS Northumberland, then stationed in Cork.

Atlantic Trophy - farthest travelled crew
The yacht crew and support team who have in the Race Committee's opinion travelled the greatest total distance to be at Ford Cork Week will be presented with the Atlantic Fleet Trophy. The Royal Navy's Atlantic Fleet visited Cork Harbour frequently and, in thanks for hospitality shown to them, presented the Royal Cork Yacht Club with this elegant silver model of an early 18th century battleship. Cork Harbour is one of the world¹s most sheltered harbours and from earliest times until today has been used by naval forces and visiting sailors. This Trophy is presented to mark Cork's continuing welcome for sailors from distant parts of the world.

Squadron Salver - winner 1720 class
The winning 1720 will be presented with this elegant salver presented to the RCYC by the Commanding Officers of the First Flotilla Sloop Squadron 1915 - 1919.

Kinsale Kettle - top local yacht
The top local yacht in the Boat of the Week rankings at Ford Cork Week 2002 will be presented with his stunning example of Victorian craftsmanship known today as the Kinsale Kettle. It was first raced for at the Kinsale Harbour Regatta of 1859, when Sybil (39 tons) owned by Sir John Arnott, beat Glance (35 tons) owner Major Longfield, by 15 seconds. Sir John's prize that day was this Challenge Cup. It was brought out of hibernation to launch Cork Week went it went international in 1986, on which occasion the Kinsale Kettle overnighted in Yehudi Menuhin's safe and next day was taken to the London Boat Show for the launch party.

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