Into the protest room

Fighting takes on another form at ISAF World Sailing Games

Tuesday July 9th 2002, Author: Sasha Oswald, Location: Mediterranean

The Australians Jenny Armstrong and Belinda Stowell lead the women's 470s

Just 24 hours before the curtain is drawn on the 2002 ISAF World Sailing Games, the sailors have had a hard day with the wind conditions that were on offer. A light and particularly irregular breeze was blowing in Marseilles, which kept the boards ashore, but all other classes managed to race.

Medals are already confirmed in the Laser Radial and women's Hobie 16 class, as well as both the men's and women's sailboard disciplines. However, in
many other events it is still wide open.

A very shifty wind prevailed on both the J/22 and the J/80 courses, which made the races particularly hard to negotiate. Three races were run in both
events, and at the end of the day the sailors returned tired and many carrying protest flags.

Tonight's first protest came from the two French crews, one skippered by François Brénac and the other one by Paul Ambroise Sevestre, who came back
just after the third race on a motor boat in the hope of resolving the problem as soon as possible. Team GBR sailors Ian Williams is also going to be in the protest room tonight trying to seek redress for the black flag disqualification that he was awarded for apparently starting prematurely, Williams believes he has adequate evidence to hopefully get reinstated.

J/22 sailor Christine Briand from France was also protesting, due to a collision with team GBR sailor Cordelia Ellis. It is unclear at this point what happened but the protest hearing is due for later on this evening and whichever way it goes it will have series consequences for those involved.

There is no doubt tomorrow will be a tense day in both the men's and women's keelboat fleets, as well as the other classes and exciting racing will be had as the forecast is due to increase tomorrow.

Team Manager Barrie Edgington commented, "It has been a really difficult day for the whole team, the conditions in Marseilles have been particularly testing for all of the competitors. It is assumed that there will be one race tomorrow, so the team will be looking to have a good day and finish the regatta on a high."

Provisional results

Bic women
1, ALESSANDRA SENSINI, ITA (1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1) 7 pts
2, EUGENIE RAFFIN (7,2,8,3,2,3,2,3) 22 pts
3, LISE VIDAL, FRA (2,6,2,6,3,4,DNC,2) 25 pts
team GBR
5, CHRISTINE JOHNSTON (6,5,7,2,5,5,DNC,5) 35 pts
7, HELEN CARTWRIGHT (4,7,6,5,8,6,DNC,9) 45 pts

Bic men
1, ANDREA CUCCHI, ITA (1,1,1,1,1,1,5,4) 10 pts
2, WILHELM SCHURMANN, BRA (OCS,2,2,3,2,3,1,1) 14 pts
3, ALBERTO MENEGATTI, ITA (6,4,3,2,4,2,7,5) 26 pts
team GBR
8, ALAN JACKSON (8,10,5,6,11,10,6,8) 53 pts
11, GUY SOLVEN (OCS,8,10,8,10,9,DNC,10) 78 pts

Hobie male/mixed
1, DARRON BUNDOCK/MARK PADGETT, AUS (7,8,1,1,8,1,13,1,2) 35 pts
2, GAVIN COLBY/SIMONE MATFIELD, AUS (2,9,5,3,3,17,12,6,1,2,9) 52 pts
3, CHRISTOPHE RENAUD/ROSSOLLIN, FRA (4,7,8,9,4,5,2,16,7,13,5) 64 pts
team GBR
8, STEVE WARD/MARK FARROW (18,5,11,4,1,22,10,9,21,7,6) 93 pts
22, NATACHA CUENOUD/STODDARD LANCE (24,20,29,OCS,18,10,DNF,17,16,8,17) 197

Hobie 16 women
1, MARIE DUVIGNAC/CLAIRE JAPHET, FRA (4,1,1,2,4,1,7,6,2,3,2,10) 26 pts
2, FLORENCE DELORY/ LAURIAN LE GAC, FRA (3,3,7,4,1,6,1,1,4,4,10,2) 29 pts
3, SUSAN KORZENIEWSKI/S O'CONNOR, USA (9,4,4,1,8,4,6,3,6,1,3,4) 36 pts
team GBR
6, ELLEN FORSHAW/ JENNY DEYES (2,DNF,5,3,5,8,2,5,7,7,5,13) 49 pts
8, KAMI MARSHALL/ HELEN SCOTT (5,2,8,12,2,7,3,11,8,13,7,9) 62 pts

470 women
1, JENNY ARMSTRONG/BELINDA STOWELL, AUS (1,1,4,1,11,18,1,3,6,8) 36 pts
2, INGRID PETITJEAN/NADEGE DOUROUX, FRA (11,3,9,13,2,2,4,2,4,10) 47 pts
3, NATALIA VIA DUFRESNE/AZON SANDRA, ESP (2,5,11,6,7,16,5,1,13,1) 51 pts
team GBR
14, HELENA LUCAS/JENNY HEELEY (24,27,26,9,8,3,7,8,12,15) 112 pts
17, JOSIE GIBSON/SASKIA CLARK (9,17,24,12,22,26,6,12,18,25) 145 pts

470 men
1, YOGEV YOSEF/SHAHAF AMIR, ISR (8,7,2,10,22,7,2,2,9,21) 68 pts
2, BENJAMIN BONNAUD/ROMAI BONNAUD, FRA (3,4,BDF,11,11,2,4,10,4,18) 68 pts
3, NICOLAS CHARBONNIER/BAUSSET, FRA (3,4,BFD,11,12,2,4,10,4,18) 82 pts
team GBR
11, NICK ROGERS/ JOE GLANFIELD (11,OCS,1,3,14,10,11,36,19,12) 118 pts
19, GRAHAM VIALS/ DAN NEWMAN (16,17,23,19,28,28,17,16,25,10) 171 pts

Laser men
1, ROBERT SCHEIDT, BRA (6,4,3,3,1,3,3,10,5) 28 pts
2, EVAGELOS CHIMONAS, GRE (1,6,4,4,8,9,7,3,1) 34 pts
3, DANIEL BIRGMARK, SWE (1,10,2,2,2,7,19,12,6) 42 pts
team GBR
9, EDWARD WRIGHT (22,6,10,11,1,4,4,14,11) 36 pts
29, JIM TAYLOR (14,1,9,OCS,15,28,26,17,29) 139 pts

Laser Radial women
1, SOPHIE DE TURCKHEIM, FRA (1,1,1,3,2,1,1,1,3,1,11,1,2,8,2,1) 21 pts
2, KATARZYNA SZOTYNSKA, POL (2,2,2,2,5,2,5,4,2,6,25,9,8,1,1,4) 46 pts
3, GEA BARBIC, CRO (3,3,3,9,14,4,2,3,9,16,6,2,1,17,4,8) 71 pts
team GBR
9, NICKY MULLER (11,9,14,14,13,8,9,12,12,5,13,4,9,16,24,7) 140 pts
11, KATIE ARCHER (12,10,23,12,26,17,4,2,17,19,14,6,5,5,13,9) 145 pts

J/80 men
1, BRENAC/FERRAN/ROHART/ FOUCHIE, FRA (1,1,3,2,1,6,1,18,6,4) 25 pts
2, SOMMARIVA/BROCCANELLO/MUNGO, ITA (4,4,10,1,4,1,7,10,8,2) 41 pts
team GBR
4, BROTHERTON/ LEASK/RUSSEL/ NEARN (3,8,2,6,10,10,18,4,3,8) 54 pts

J/22 women
1, BRIAND/ BOUR/DENTRAYGUES/ PROU, FRA (2,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,4,5,DNF,4) 18 pts
2, DIXON/ ROBERTS/EGNOT/ LIND MIT, NZL (1,2,1,1,2,3,RDG,6,9,3,2,2) 21 pts
3, WALTERS/GOJNICH/BRISBOIS/KARY, AUS (2,3,7,5,1,1,RDG,5,2,6,5,1) 27 pts
team GBR
6, ELLIS/ ALLAN/LEASK/ WEBB, (1,1,OCS,2,3,1,5,7,8,9,8,5) 41 pts

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