Morty's viewpoint

Farr International's Peter Morton gave madforsailing his thoughts on the Commodores' Cup
Peter Morton, boss of Farr International in the UK and owner of Mandrake, has a vision for the future of grand prix yacht racing in the UK and that future is...IRM. His Mark Mills-designed 50ft one-off has taken part in most of the major regattas in the UK this year including Cowes Week, Cork Week and most recently the Rolex Commodores' Cup. This latter event he sailed with an impressive crew including Britain's top amateur sailor Stuart Childerley on the helm alongside the likes of Tim Powell and Gerry Mitchell. madfor sailing: What do you think of the results of the Commodores' Cup? Peter Morton: I think it's a huge pity that the result hinged on a poor race management decision in the long offshore race basically. You could have taken the ratings certificates in the handicap list and that was the results basically . Is that a fair race? Probably not. mfs: Was there too much loading on the offshore race? PM: If they are going to load the offshore race that much, then they need to be much more flexible and much more aware of the conditions and the effects of tides and kedging when you're running a time on time handicap system instead of time on distance. It just seemed to me they set the course and that was it. Someone said to me that as soon as he saw the course he thought the big boats would be sailing up the mountain and the little boats would be sailing down the mountain and that sums it up really. mfs: The racing seemed to favour the more clunky boats all week. PM: The whole thing was poor. It was the wrong time of year - the week after Cowes Week. We all turn up in Cowes to take part in