Full Pelt flip out

Down wind hoist goes pear shaped

Wednesday August 8th 2001, Author: Lynsey Thomas, Location: United Kingdom

Stephen Fein's Jo Richards designed 36 footer Full Pelt helmed by the great Bronze Flying Dutchman medallist himself, wiped out today after someone caught their foot around the spinnaker sheet. The forecasted 40 knot gusts did not materialise, but the conditions were fresh enough to catch even the best off guard.

Jeannie Liddington, headsail trimmer on Full Pelt explained what had happened after their long leg down towards Gilkicker: "We rounded the mark off of Ryde, put the kite up, and the sheet was caught around someone's foot so we couldn't ease the kite. The boat heeled right over until the mast was in the water, and we were all left hanging on peering over the edge like a bunch of meer cats.

"We sat there for a while and eventually got the kite down after a bit of trawling and then off we went." Fortunately the boat hadn't really got started after the hoist before the incident happened, Liddington remarked that they were occasionally hitting 20 knots on their course today.

Full Pelt with her very intricate open water ballast tanks, races within the Bowsprit class. Liddington added: "The courses for the Bowsprit class are much better for us with a lot more reaching and running." The team finished in 15th place today after accepting a percentage time penalty.

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