One World Diary

Mark Chisnell on the launch of their new boat and the campaigns environmental side
Another diary, another boat launch. It was three weeks ago that I was telling you about USA 65 hitting the water for the first time, and now here I am to tell you about USA 67's first sail on the Hauraki Gulf. The launch was a low-key affair - we paused with the boat in the travel-lift for long enough to do the traditional thing and break some champagne on the bow. But if you blinked you missed it - and I did (off fixing a computer problem...) We celebrated with a traditional OneWorld sausage sizzle after work, orchestrated by our entertainments and logistics maestro, Mark Donaldson. We had made a bit more fuss of ’65, waiting until the evening to launch her, when the team's families were invited along with some of the journalists that were in town for the CORM non-regatta. But there will be so many of these boats launched over the next few months it must be hard for outsiders to see it as anything special - they only become different when they start winning races! So it all went according to plan, and ‘67 got a couple of days on the water and a shake-down before we stopped for Easter. It's definitely a bank holiday now, as I write this the wind is whistling around the apartment and the rain falling. The signs of autumn are all around us, including sunset just after 6pm. But while the birds and the Brits may be flying north, with two new boats sailing on the Hauraki Gulf we're not going anywhere just yet. We took the opportunity of the press release for the launch of USA 67 to also bring a little attention to our environmental programme. I've talked in the diaries before about some of the things we've