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On Chris Law's comments about GBR Challenge and the Commodore's Cup debacle
There has been some heated reaction to Chris Law's comments on GBR Challenge . Stewart Dyer sent us this: 1. Chris made it very clear after the '99 Admirals Cup that he did not want to represent his country again. Why is he surprised (and 'hurt') at not being 'asked'? You are 'representing', even if you are not on the boat. 2. I would be surprised if Ainslie committed to the Americans because of lack of room at GBR, rather than the endless speculation and protracted rumour that GBR challenges seem to emerge through (another result of the antics of Law's generation). Clearly, residency was also a key issue during this time frame. If it is the case: wouldn't it be better to be a positive influence over these issues rather than creating division? 3. Percy has made it clear that he wanted to do the Star. He has 'checked in' with the GBR campaign and should have a future in the next cycle. His desire to partner up with Ainslie for the long term may have also been a factor. 4. There is no doubt that a higher profile created by the RYA at the Olympics has provided an impetus/confirmed talent pool, at a time when Harrison had a) the money b) the start up kit and c) the inclination. ...however there should be no confusion between these factors from which you can build a campaign and a starting concept that says 'this is the complete Olympic team': it has never been presented as such to the public, and it would be quite inappropriate to mount a campaign from this starting point (instead of getting the blend right within the budget/time frame.) 5. The RYA structure has driven 'team development' across the classes and avoided the kind of destructive turf