Advanced Racing Techniques

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St James's Yachting in association with madforsailing have come up with an impressive combination of masterclasses and on-the-water tuition in their Advanced Racing Techniques Master Class Programme. The objective of the programme is to provide top quality training for those with an established grounding in the subjects offered. The first course runs this Saturday. Each seminar is helding presented by top international speakers from the world of yachting including Mike Broughton, Colin Murray and Jim Saltonstall. Programme: The 2002 Master Class Programme consists of seven seminars: 16 March 2002 - Deckman In a Day Price: £175.00. Where: Royal Southampton Yacht Club The Deckman Day will teach from the basic to the advanced level of this successful race software. Subjects covered will include: - How to make the best use of the programme for inshore racing - How to use the programme for offshore sailing and the use of GRIB files and offshore course optimisation. Lecturers: Campbell Field, Graeme Winn and Mike Broughton 13 April 2002- Racing Tactics and Strategies Price: £120.00 Where: Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble This course looks at the strategy and tactics of the race plan. When considering strategy we look at the issues of wind, wind shifts and current. Tactics are the spontaneous techniques we employ to ensure the strategy becomes reality, ie dealing with other boats and complying with the rules. Starting tactics, racing rules made easy, wind bends and oscillations, tidal tactics, mark rounding rules and boat v boat tactics are all covered in this one day seminar. Lecturers: Colin Murray, Mike Broughton and Chris Simon 27 April 2000 - Boat Speed Master Class Price: £120.00 Where: Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble Get ahead in your Class this season with better boat speed. Covering sail trim, rig set up, fore & aft trim, downwind trimming, hull preparation, cockpit ergonomics, performance instrumentation upwind helming and everything to help