Ile de France win in St Tropez

Good new start for prestigious Coupe de France trophy

Monday March 31st 2003, Author: Maguelonne Turcat, Location: Mediterranean
In the glorious bay of Saint-Tropez, and after eleven years of absence, the Coupe deFrance of the Yacht Club de France knows its new holder; in 1992, it was the 6 m JI Thisbe of Britain’s Bill Whitehouse-Vaux (helmed for the occasion by the late Peter Bateman) who last won the trophy when it was raced for in Bénodet. For the very first time in the history of this prestigious cup three boat teams have had to combine their efforts in their quest for the trophy. The Dragon Ar Youleg of Kito de Pavant, the Melges 24 Lord Jiminy of Bruno Jourdren and Mumm the 30 Region Island de France of Jimmy Pahun have just registered their names on the base of the Coupe de France of the Yacht Club de France.

This beautiful trophy was created in 1891 to be the response of France to the America’s Cup, and has had a prestigious history having been raced for and won by some of the greatest names in yachting. "It is not chance that we chose the waters of Saint-Tropez for the revival of the Coupe de France of the Yacht Club de France" declared the president, Pierre-Paul Heckly, "one needed this perfect backdrop to ensure the success of the new formula for the Coupe de France. We are now planning for the next two next editions with Saint-Tropez in order that the Coupe de France becomes the opening event of the season there." All the teams are extremely satisfied with the new format of the regatta.”

"The conditions have been brilliant" summarizes Jimmy Pahun, "we had 4 races in great breeze the first day, 3 in medium the second and 2 in lighter airs to finish". To ensure the final victory of their team, the "3 musketeers" sailing under the colours of the Region Isle de France - SR Douarnenez did not hesitate to practise team racing in this last day of the regatta "With two teams separated by a point, it was almost match race today! ". Hard on the heels of the winners, the Monegasque team never took off the pressure: Christian Boilot on Tamm ha Tamm (Dragon) who finished second, Benjamin Cohen on Chaloupa II (Melges 24) fifth and Michele Perris on Dangerous But Fun (Mumm 30) third in their respective categories put in very creditable performances. In the end the Norwegian team of Roar Rodd on Odd Job (Dragon), Christopher Spone on HH Fruen Maren (Melges 24) and Herman Johannessen on M 103 (Mumm) took the third place on the podium. In spite of damage to their Melges in the first race, this team showed incredible determination and motivation, in particular thanks to the talent of the champion of the world in title in Mumm, Herman Horn Johannessen.

In the class results Bernard Mallaret and Xavier Lecoeur on Mumm 30 Cape Sport in Mumm put in a beautiful performance to hold off Maxime Paul and his Defi Partage team. In Melges, the competition was particularly tight but it was Jean-François Cruette on Scutum who finally beat Bruno Jourdren on Lord Jiminy on count back.

It was wonderful to note the presence of the French minehunter Eagle which was present in the bay of Saint-Tropez during the three days of the regatta. As president Heckly pointed out it, the first president of the Yacht Club of France was himself a Vice-Admiral and Minister for the sea, which explains the strong bonds which link the French Navy with the Yacht Club de France since its origin

1) Ile de France, Lord Jiminy, Région Ile de France, Ar Youleg 85 pts
2) Monaco, Tamm Ha Tamm, Chaloupa II, Dangerous but fun 91 pts
3) Norvège, Fruen Maren, M. 103, Odd Job 103,20 pts
4) Cap Sport, Eurovoile, Cap Sport, Ulysse 108 pts
5) France, Vol de Nuit, Scutum, Défi Partage 108 pts
6) Suisse-Allemagne, Vito, Bienne-voile, Chi 121 pts
7) K Challenge, K Challenge III, K Challenge II, K Challenge I 159 pts
8) Douarnenez, Douarn, Triga 5, Dirastach, 162 pts
9) Italie, Tramontana, Hedimegica , spirit of ave maria 179 pts
10) Europe, Tsuica, Sbab, Lady Anie 184 pts
11) Belgique, Mad Cow, T-service, Ruuder 201 pts
12) Dinard, Ardizaon, Zig Zag 15, La Pachangan 231 pts
13) International, Gabriel, Aile, Les Copains Abord 265 pts

Mumm 30 after 9 races (8 to count)
1: "Cap Sport" Mallaret Bernard (22 pts)
2: "Defi Partage" (25 pts)
3: "Dangerous But Fun" Perris Michel (27 pts)
4: "M.103" Astrup Eivind (32 pts)
5: "Region Ile de France" Pahun Jimmy (36 pts)
6: "Lady Anie" Fournier le Ray (52 pts)
7: "Bienne-Voile" Studler Tom (59 pts)
8: "K Challenge1" Deruelle Dimitri (61 pts)
9: "T-Service" Depourque Madeleine (63 pts)
10: "La Pachanga" Basset Eric (65 pts)
11: "Triga 5" (70 pts)
12: "Spirit Of Ave Maria" Cruciani Francesco (75 pts)
13: "Les Copains Abord" Portugal Vincent (93 pts)

Melges 24 after 9 races (8 to count)
1: "Scutum" Cruette Jean François (26 pts)
2: "Lord Jiminy" Jourdren Bruno (26 pts)
3: "Vito" Batzill Alba (31 pts)
4: "Hedimegica" Rao Franco Mario (33 pts)
5: "Chaloupa II" Cohen Benjamin (34 pts)
6: "Fruen Maren" Spone Christopher (34.2 pts)
7: "Eurovoile" Di Rosso Jacques (39 pts)
8: "Douarn" (46 pts)
9: "K Challenge 2" (53 pts)
10: "Sbab" Lindell Johan (71 pts)
11: "Zig Zag 15" Samuel Henri (78 pts)
12: "Aile" (83 pts), 13: "Mad Cow" Verhulst Thierry (90 pts)

Dragon after 9 races (8 to count)
1: "Ar Youleg" de Pavant Kito (23 pts)
2: "Tamm Ha Tamm" Boilot Christian (30 pts)
3: "Chi" Schatten Michael (31 pts)
4: "Ood Job" Lofterod Odd Roar (37 pts)
5: "K Challenge 3" (45 pts)
6: "Dirastac'h" Gourlaouen Fred (46 pts)
7: "Ulysse" Breger Jean (47 pts)
8: "Ruuder" Van Coillie Jerome (48 pts)
9: "Vol de Nuit" Hebrard Dominique (57 pts)
10: "Tsuica" Blanc Gérard (61 pts)
11: "Tramontana" Ma,zani Paolo (71 pts)
12: "Ardizaon" Poirrier Claude (88 pts) 13: "Gabriel" (89 pts)

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