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As racing is cancelled on day one of the Louis Vuitton Cup semi finals

Monday December 9th 2002, Author: Louis Vuitton Cup Media Centre, Location: Australasia
Above: Alinghi cruises around waiting for the wind to die down to a more respectful level.

Maintaining a pattern established from Round Robin Two, the first day of racing in the Louis Vuitton Cup semi-final was cancelled today because of the weather.

This was the 15th day out of 42 that racing was lost because of either too much wind or too little wind.

At 1430 hrs today, Race Officer Peter Reggio flew the AP over A flag signal, indicating that there would be no racing because the winds were consistently over the 19 knot limit for starting.

Since Round Robin Two, the opening day of each new stage of the regatta has been lost to weather conditions outside of the 12-knot wind range stipulated by the Challengers.

On the opening day of Round Robin Two, the winds were too light. On the opening day of the Quarter Final, there was too much wind. The first day of racing in the Quarter Final Repechage was lost because of too little wind and today, the opening day of the Semi Final, kept the pattern going with too much wind.

Racing is scheduled to commence tomorrow, weather permitting.

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