Tight finish to Soling Masters

As Hungary come up from behind

Tuesday September 10th 2002, Author: Phil Crebbin, Location: none selected
The final race that would decide second and third positions overall was held in 8 to 12kts of wind when the northerly Rosenwind filled in. With the overall winner Carl Auteried of Austria choosing not to sail, George Wossala of Hungary had to defend his second position overall against Tony Clare of Britain who had to finish in first or second in the race and two places ahead to beat him.

Franz Wageneder of Austria still had an outside chance of second overall if he won the race with Wossala outside the first four and Clare lower than second.

Wossala had a good start and was able to tack on Clare soon after. Clare had to fight other boats and generally struggled to get a good lane. This resulted in a poor first beat that left him out of contention. Meanwhile Wageneder had also got away well and led Wossala for a while. After a close struggle, Wossala took the lead and the two of them continued their private battle clear of the rest of the fleet.

With the wind steadier than it had been for the whole regatta and a right side favoured upwind leg, there were few passing lanes and Clare only managed to recover to 10th place.

Wageneder finishing 2nd meant that he took third overall from Clare by one point. However Clare, crewed by Philip Crebbin and Len Delicaet, had an excellent regatta counting 3, 1, 4, 4 from the first four races.

The other British boat, helmed by John Roberts and crewed by Peter Hewitson and Andrew Horrocks, ended the series on a high note with their best result finishing 7th in the race. This pulled them up to 11th overall.

Race 5:
1. George Wossala, Hungary
2. Franz Wageneder, Austria
3. Josef Urban, Austria
4. Otto Urbanek, Austria
5. Charles Kamps, USA
6. Werner Schrotta, Austria
British: 7. John Roberts, 10. Tony Clare

Final Overall (5 races, 1 discard)
1. Carl Auteried, Austria 6 pts
2. George Wossala, Hungary 7 pts
3. Franz Wageneder, Austria 11 pts
4. Tony Clare. Britain 12 pts
5. Charles Kamps, USA 20 pts
6. Josef Urban, Austria 25 pts
Other British: 11. John Roberts 39 pts

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