K-Yachting announce challenge

The Kandler's team led by Dawn Riley prepare French challenger for the America's Cup 2006

Tuesday June 18th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: France

Training on the two IC45s

Of their challenge K Challenge's President of Honour Ortwin Kandler said "Let us go for it! I'm very proud and honoured that the young people have finally taken over by diving into this very impressive challenge, which has no equivalent : an on water, on earth and in the air adventure, with all their nerve and technological awareness, as we did it in the 1960s to show to the entire world that the greatest civil aeronautical challenge was within our reach, thanks to our perseverance, faith and conviction and though the scepticism met around every corner. The team spirit and its know-how has pushed everything as we appreciate it. We know the results today: We are the winners!"

K Challenge have still to announce the location for their training base. In addition Riley says that after the forthcoming America's Cup they will be purchasing training boats and will be announcing their design and technical team. She will not reveal who will be in their technical team, because she says many are involved with current AC campaigns. "It will include some I've worked with in the past and a couple of new ones," she told us. "But we won't announce that until after this America's Cup". Presently on the sail development side they have Bruno Dubois and Laurent Delage, who has been involved with three Cup campaigns.

In the meantime they will be training on both the two IC45s and their radical wingmasted IMS 50 footer, Krazy K-Yote II. This season Thierry Peponnet will be at the helm of Krazy K-Yote II with François Brenac as the tactician and the boat will also be used for testing technical developments.

Among the sailing team are: Suzy LEECH, Gilles MORELLE, Peter WARREN, Teva Plichard, Gregory DHONNER, Martha PARKER, Sean-Doogie COUVREUX, David MAI, Benoit BRIAND, Pierre DUCHEIN, Jean-Sebastien PONCE, Axel CHALUMEAU, Jean-Michel GANDON, Stephane CHRISTIDIS, Thierry FOUCHIER, Kris OLSWESKI, Jeff REYNOLDS, Joan TOUCHETTE, Dana RILEY, Pascal PILLON, Alexandra KOEFORD, Matt REYNOLDS, Christopher PRATT.

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