1720 Europeans kick off

First races start tomorrow

Tuesday September 3rd 2002, Author: Becki Owen, Location: United Kingdom
The last of the 49 boats entered for the Crew Clothing 2002 Cork 1720 Sportsboat European Championships arrived in Hamble today to compete at the event hosted by the Royal Southern Yacht Club.

The 11 race series, which kicks off tomorrow and concludes on Saturday, 7 September, has pulled an entry list which features many previous champions from the 1720 Class as well as from other areas of the sport. Of the 1720 Class stalwarts, this years hopefuls for the European Championship title include boats from the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish fleets, adding just a small amount of national rivalry to what is already an extremely hotly contested event.

2001 European Champions Tom and John Murphy sailing Peugeot Motorcycles are hoping to hold their fellow Irishman and Olympic Star sailor, Mark Mansfield at bay. Mark, himself a previous 1720 European Champion, is sailing John Rickards' Babbalaas Bach with a team from North Sails and John's 13 year old son, Owen.

Maurice 'Prof' O'Connell, sailing Des Faherty's Aquatack along with Hamble resident and fellow Irishman Tom McWilliams, has his own opinion as to which Irish eyes will be smiling at the end of the week. Prof's team are Irish National Champions and stand an excellent chance of taking the European title home with them. Prof's crew however were keen to point out the potential threat from the 'brilliant but inconsistent' Irish boat RedGreen, owned by Shaun Douglas.

From the Welsh fleet, Mike Budd steering Gul and Sian Evan's Regent Mercedes Benz have to be two of the favourites. Sian has Nigel Young and Jamie Lea of North Sails on board to add weight to her already impressive credentials. In the case of Mr Budd, the boat and crew are looking good, and, having been beaten at Pwllheli Keelboat Week on the last day of racing by Ruairidh Scott in King Quick, you just know that Mike is hungry for it!

When speaking with Ruairidh however, one cannot fail to be impressed by this talented 20 year old. Having come second in the English Nationals this year and second in the Scottish series, Ruairidh and family (he sails with his Dad and his sister) are keen to rack up some first places.

It's all wide open amongst the English boats too. Ian Atkins in Bluefin has a point to prove, having sailed consistently well throughout his first season in the 1720. Mark Rushall, a previous 1720 European title holder, makes a guest appearance in the fleet on Robert Bicket's Phoebe along with Mini Transat skipper and Maiden II crew Sam Davies. The crew of 'Key Yachting' including Kevin Sproul, Marie-Claude Heys and Jochem Visser will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with and Neal and Lisa MacDonald, recruited by Andy Smith and Andy Saunders to help out on board Twister are very welcome 'newcomers' to this exciting fleet.

1 GBR 1700 Barbarian Callum Edge
2 GBR 1701 La Licorne Mark Greenway
3 GBR 1702 O' Fiver Colin Bishop & Harvey Hilary
4 GBR 1703 Roxy 8 Bob Davies
5 GBR 1706 Holo Graphic Len Baker
6 GBR 1710 G&T David Greenhalgh
7 GBR 1711 Jacob John Stamp
8 GBR 1713 Optimum Risk Charlie Curtis & Mark Wynne-Smith
9 GBR 1714 Team HME/MMC Dermot Crean
10 GBR 1717 Phoebe Robert Bicket
11 GBR 1720 Le Bouchon M Riley, J Humberstone, P Cropper
12 GBR 1721 Babbalaas Bach John Richards & David McLeand
13 GBR 1723 King Louie Malcolm P.Thorpe
14 GBR 1725 Running Guns John Evans
15 GBR 1726 Key Yachting P & M Heys
16 GBR 1730 Finn McCouls Tom Clay
17 GBR 1733 Road Ranger J. K. A. Abrahams
18 GBR 1740 Team Polecat Simon Cowood
19 IRL 1751 Lemon Colin Galavan
20 IRL 1755 Donpack Ray Donoghue & David Rose
21 IRL 1758 Musketeer Duncan Syme
22 GBR 1769 Buddy Ian & Hilary Paterson
23 GBR 1770 Luvly Jubbly Andrew Brook & Peter Hawkins
24 GBR 1771 Cosmic David Ashcroft
25 IRL 1772 RedGreen Shaun Douglas
26 GBR 1773 Goacher Sails Chris Ducker
27 GBR 1774 Regent Mercedes-Benz Sian Evans
28 GBR 1776 Twister A Smith & A Saunders
29 GBR 1776 Industrial Solutions John Simms
30 GBR 1777 King Quick Graeme & Ruairidh Scott
31 IRL 1777 Bob Phil Thomas
32 GBR 1780 Delirious James Gundy
33 IRL 1780 Discount Glass Ian Williams
34 GBR 1785 Bluefin Ian Atkins
35 IRL 1787 Vision Paul O' Riain & Ken Green
36 GBR 1787 The Big L Charlie Frize
37 IRL 1790 Hot Stuff Colm Jones & Conor Murphy
38 GUL 1790 Gul Mike Budd
39 IRL 1791 On All Fours Max Mc Mullan
40 GBR 1793 Hoodless Brennan Leo Knifton
41 GBR 1795 Fuji Film Janus Van Helfteren
42 IRL 1797 Peugeot Motorcycles Tom & John Murphy
43 GBR1798 Incognito Colin MacDonald
44 IRL 1803 Martin Reilly Motors David Maguire
45 IRL 1804 Aquatack Des Faherty
46 IRL 1807 Ford Racing Anthony O Leary
47 IRL 1812 Hibernian Brian Lennon & Roger Cagney
48 GBR 1843 Wet N Blaclk Paul Reilly
49 GBR 2853 Flamboyant Chris Jago

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