Lewin lead women's series

Dana Paxton reports from the Bermuda International Women's Match Race Championship

Tuesday October 21st 2003, Author: Dana Paxton, Location: United States
Leading the way into tomorrow’s semi-final round of the Bermuda International Women's Match Race Championship is Bermuda’s Paula Lewin/Team ACE, who remains undefeated and will have her choice of opponents among three skippers: Sweden’s Jenny Axhede/Team Panorama, Sally Barkow/Team Seven and Elizabeth Kratzig/Team Kaenon (both USA).

"This is such a treat," said Lewin. "The sailing has been terrific so far. It’s been a great three days and we have more matches to look forward to tomorrow." Lewin would not disclose whom she would choose as her semi-final round opponent. The winner of each ‘first-to-three’ semi-final match will race against each other in the final where a $15,000 prize purse is at stake.

Axhede, who is new to this event, but not match racing, may hold the biggest surprise for Lewin based on the unknown factor. The two have never met on the water before the start of this regatta. "We’re very happy to be advancing," said Anika Carlunger on behalf of Axhede. "We look forward to sailing any of the other sailors. We’ve been pleased with our tactics, but we still have a lot to learn and plan to keep learning tomorrow."

Kratzig, who counts two Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year as crew - Cory Sertl and Jody Swanson - improved her crew work over the past three days of racing and now finds herself in impressive company. "I’m shocked," said Kratzig. "I have a great team. If I can get off the starting line a little better tomorrow, we might do very well."

The fourth and final advancer is Barkow, a two-time college All-American. "We’re very pleased with our performance. We had a tight race with Betsy (Alison) today and almost didn’t make it. She led us at the start, but we were able to catch her downwind and get ahead. We took her past the layline, but then Debbie (Capozzi) fell of and I had to pull her back on." Barkow managed to gain enough speed, despite hanging onto her crew, and pull off the win.

The winner and runner-up will advance to round one of the Investors Guaranty™ Presentation of the King Edward VII Gold Cup (October 22-26), the second event of the Swedish Match Tour 2003/04, where they will compete for another $100,000 in prize money.


Final Results: Day 3, October 20, Round Robin:

Skipper, Hometown, Points
1. Paula Lewin/Team ACE (BER), 7 points*
2. Jenny Axhede/Team Panorama (SWE) 5*
3. Sally Barkow/Team Seven (USA), 4*
4. Elizabeth Kratzig/Team Kaenon (USA), 3
5. Deborah Willits (USA) 3
6. Betsy Alison (USA) 2.5
7. Klaartje Zuiderbaan (NED) 2
8. Sandy Hayes (USA) 1
*Advance to Semi-Final Round

Round Robin Results:

Flight 5
B. Alison def. S. Hayes
P. Lewin def. D. Willits
K. Zuiderbaan def E. Kratzig
J. Axhede S. Barkow def.

Flight 6
E. Kratzig def. B Alison
D. Willits def. S. Barkow
S. Hayes def. K. Zuiderbaan
P. Lewin def. J. Axhede

Flight 7
K. Zuiderbaan def. D. Willits
B Alison def. J. Axhede
S. Barkow def. S. Hayes
P. Lewin def. def E. Kratzig

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