Gold Cup commences

Astwood and Team Bacardi notch up perfect result on day one of Bermuda match racing contest

Sunday October 13th 2002, Author: Shawm McBride, Location: United States
Bermuda’s Glenn Astwood and his Team Bacardi posted a perfect first day at the Swedish Match Tour’s Bermuda Gold Cup, the fourth event on the world’s premier professional sailing series. The three wins place Astwood in first place in Group B racing.

“We just tried to stay clean, keep our lines and stay out of trouble,” said Astwood. “Its great to be able to do well in front of our friends and family.”

Sweden’s Marten Hedlund and his Team Victory Lane, as well as American Andy Horton, join Astwood in the undefeated ranks and sit atop Group 1, through the first two flights of racing.

Hedlund and his Team Victory Lane have come to Bermuda well prepared. Last weekend they gathered with several other crews north of Gothenberg and went through 50 pre-start sequences in local IODS to work on timing and boat -handling. Thus far, the practice has paid off.

“Our timing against Peter Bromby couldn’t have been more perfect,” said a satisfied Hedlund. “The conditions were quite shifty, but readable, and our comfort in our boat-handling skills allowed us to react and maintain control in both our matches today.”

In Group B, American Andy Lovell is 2-1, one point behind Astwood as are fellow American skippers Tucker Thompson and Karl Ziegler.

The highlight of the day’s action featured Great Britain’s Chris Law and The Outlaws. In his match against American Scott Dickson, Law clipped the stern of Dickson’s boat, copping a penalty, wrapped his spinnaker around his keel on the next leg and then was docked .5 points, for the contact, to go along with the loss.

In the first day of racing at the inaugural Bermuda Women’s Match Racing Championship, Sweden’s Marie Bjorling demonstrated why she’s the world’s top-ranked match racer. Bjorling dispatched of American Deborah Willits in his first match and then out-sailed Klaartje Zuiderbaan.

Also on 2-0 are Denmark’s Lotte Pedersen and local skipper Paula Lewin. The day’s conditions began with southeasterly winds in the 10-12 knot range, building to more than 15 knots in the afternoon with bright sunshine throughout.

Another full day of racing awaits on Sunday. Group B takes to the water first to be followed by the resumption of the Bermuda Women’s Match Racing Championship at 11am. Group A racing rounds out the day’s scheduled action.

Group 1
Skipper Wins Losses
Marten Hedlund (SWE/Team Victory Lane) 2 0
Andy Horton (USA) 2 0
Sally Barkow (USA/Team Seven-Barkow Racing) 1 1
Peter Bromby (BER/Team Ace Group) 1 1
Michael Green (St. Lucia) 1 1
Mason Woodworth (United Kingdom) 1 1
Adam Barboza (BER/Team Bacardi) 0 2
Bill Buckles (USA) 0 2

Group 2
Skipper Wins Losses
Glenn Astwood (BER/Team Bacardi) 3 0
Andy Lovell (USA) 2 1
Tucker Thompson (USA/Team T2 Productions) 2 1
Karl Ziegler (USA) 2 1
Chris Law (Great Britain/”The Outlaws”) 1.5 1
Scott Dickson (USA) 1 2
Tino Ellegast (Germany) 0 3
Anthony Kotoun (U.S. Virgin Islands) 0 3

Group 1
Flight 1
Hedlund def. Bromby
Green def. Buckles
Horton def. Barkow
Woodworth def. Barboza

Flight 2
Hedlund def. Buckles
Barkow def. Woodworth
Bromby def. Green
Horton def. Barboza

Group 2
Flight 1
Lovell def. Ellegast
Law def. Kotoun
Thompson def. Dickson
Astwood def. Ziegler

Flight 2
Lovell def. Kotoun
Ziegler def. Dickson
Law def. Ellegast
Astwood def. Thompson

Flight 3
Dickson def. Law
Ziegler def. Ellegast
Astwood def. Lovell
Thompson def. Kotoun

Bermuda International Women's Match Racing Championship

Round Robin Standings
Skipper Wins Losses
1. Marie Bjorling, (SWE/Team Goteborg Energi) 2 0
2. Lotte Pedersen (Denmark) 2 0
3. Paul Lewin (BER/Team Ace Group) 2 0
4. Elizabeth Baylis (USA) 1 1
5. Deborah Willits (USA) 1 1
6. Sandy Hayes (USA) 0 2
7. Elizabeth Kratzig (USA/Team Kaenon) 0 2
8. Klaartje Zuiderbaan (Netherlands) 0 2

Flight 1
Pedersen def. Hayes
Lewin def. Kratzig
Bjorling def. Willits
Baylis def. Zuiderbaan

Flight 2
Pedersen def. Kratzig
Bjorling def. Zuiderbaan
Lewin def. Hayes
Willits def. Baylis

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