Gavin Brady interview

Andy Rice speaks to the Prada's match racing star
Gavin Brady is one of the foreign superstars who has been brought in to forge the Prada America's Cup Challenge into an even more formidable force than it was last time. Prada won an epic battle against AmericaOne to take the Louis Vuitton Cup, only to get a 5-0 pasting from Team New Zealand in the America's Cup finals. The Kiwi defenders appeared to run rings around the Italians, not just in boat speed terms but in pure match racing skills and tactics too. For all his popularity, skipper Francesco de Angelis has been criticised for not handing over the wheel to a more accomplished match racer, at least in the pre-start phase. This perhaps, is one reason why talented young Kiwi Gavin Brady was brought into the campaign this time around. While Rod Davis was an exception in being one of the few non-Italians in the 1999/2000 challenge, this time Prada has embraced a much more cosmopolitan team, and Brady is part of that. Despite his match racing prowess, having just finished runner-up in the Congressional Cup a fortnight ago, he jumps to the defence of de Angelis's abilities. "He may not do much of the professional match racing tour, but he is very tough to race against," Brady explained to madforsailing. "And we do about 10 in-house races for every one that we do in open competition." Brady is not necessarily expecting to race on the A boat come competition time, but that does not seem to bother him. "I would expect Francesco to be the skipper/helmsman, and Torben [Grael] will be on the boat too, as he has a very good relationship with Francesco which dates back way beyond the America's Cup association. Then I think either Rod or myself will be on board, but really. It's better to do