Chances of racing in February

One month out from the AC33 start gun, meteorologist Roger Badham tells us of Valencia's weather in February
Just one month to go until the 33rd America’s Cup kicks off in Valencia now... Later today we can expect the Sailing Instructions for the race to be published, but in the meantime we thought we’d have a look at what the weather may be like next month. Those who visited Valencia for the 32nd America’s Cup, from the Louis Vuitton Trophy starting in the late spring through to the Cup itself at the height of the summer, might be thinking ‘Mediterranean = shorts, T-shirts, sunglasses’, but this is unlikely to be the case come February, the shorts and T-shirts at least. At present there is torrential rain in Valencia and at night the temperature is dropping to near freezing with the possibility of snow on the surrounding mountaintops... Looking back at the weather for the week around 8 February in past years: In 2009 temp 0-18degC, mean wind speed 8.6 knots, max 26 knots (gust 33 knots), wind about 90% westerly In 2008 temp 2-20degC, mean wind speed 3.7 knots, max 17 knots (gust 20 knots), wind about 75% westerly, 15% southeasterly In 2007 temp 5-20degC, mean wind speed 5.9 knots, max 27 knots (gust 39 knots), wind about 80% westerly, 10% NE-SEerly In 2006 temp 0-18degC, mean wind speed 3.2 knots, max 8.6 knots, wind about 70% westerly, 20% NE-SEerly In 2005 temp 1-21degC, mean wind speed 3.2 knots, max 14.6 knots (gust 24 knots), wind about 40% westerly, 20% NE-SEerly According to Roger ‘Clouds’ Badham, meteorologist with Emirates Team New Zealand, during February typically around five fronts will pass across Valencia over the course of the month. “They will close the place down for at least a day and a half to two and a half days depending upon the nature of the front and its severity. “You have the pre-frontal flow