Singapore mud sling

The latest from the 33rd America's Cup quagmire
At a meeting in Singapore that concluded earlier today, the remaining issues surrounding the 33rd America’s Cup came very close to being resolved, but sadly hit a brick wall again with both sides pointing the finger at the other as to why this happened. The meeting was attended by Tom Ehman and Richard Slater representing BMW Oracle Racing, Brad Butterworth and Hamish Ross from Alinghi and mediated by ISAF jurors David Kellett and David Tillett. Agreement was nearly reached on a most promising deal that would have resolved almost all of the outstanding issues, from those to do with the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, such as the wind/sea state limits and where the BMW Oracle Racing trimaran with its solid wing rig can be moored in Valencia to the Country of Construction issues most recently raised to whether or not the BMW Oracle Racing trimaran with its solid wing rig constitutes ‘a sloop’ as per the boat described in their original Notice of Challenge document to the American team’s outstanding law suit against the Societe Nautique de Geneve over their ‘breach of fiduciary duty’ as a Trustee of the America’s Cup. According to Alinghi one of the negotiating points proposed by BMW Oracle Racing was over a month’s delay to the event to the 8 March. BMW Oracle Racing claims that the agreement was drafted on Tuesday night, agreed by all at the meeting, only for it to be turned down by ‘Geneva’ (ie Ernesto Bertarelli) on Wednesday morning. BMW Oracle says that they had warned Alinghi that if no agreement was reached on the Wednesday morning they would file a law suit with the New York Supreme Court over the Country of Construction issue (otherwise time would run out to get the suit processed before the start of