A lengthy day of rhetoric

In Valencia yesterday Russell Coutts and Ernesto Bertarelli gave their conflicting views over the outstanding 33rd AC issues
The press were out in force in Valencia yesterday to attend an open day hosted by Alinghi at their base on the Darsena (Port America’s Cup), followed at the end of the day by a tour of the BMW Oracle Racing ‘boatyard’ hidden away amid stacked up containers in the middle of Valencia’s commercial port (the containers built-up as a wall after prolonged 60 knot winds last week nearly destroyed their tents - these same winds successfully wiped out Alinghi’s sail loft at their base in the Darsena). Coutts was in the hardest hitting form we have ever seen him in, particularly defending Larry Ellison over some attacks on him (which we weren’t aware had been made) by Alinghi Team Principal, Ernesto Bertarelli. (See the video of his speech here) "I think Mr Bertarelli either said or implied that Mr Ellison is trying to win this by spending more money. Let me tell you - I’ve had a lot of experience in America’s Cups and I think you can observe - that both teams are about the same size, they have similar-sized boats and similar-sized programs and with my knowledge of what it costs to operate a team like Alinghi and what it costs to operate this team – I can tell you now they will be very very similar," stated Coutts. Alinghi counter that BMW Oracle Racing have been running their multihull campaign for almost a year more than they have, have had three major rebuilds of their trimaran, have more masts plus their technically intricate solid wing sail. Alinghi yesterday said that at present they employ 130 people. Given a tally up of the team mugshots on their office wall BMW Oracle Racing appear to have 148 people working for them, including a giant build team. Coutts said that