An AC34 in multihulls?

Multihulls for the 34th America's Cup wouldn't have to be as hi-tech as those used for the 34th
Carlo Borlenghi / Alinghi
Multihulls for the 34th America's Cup wouldn't have to be as hi-tech as those used for the 34th
No one at the 33rd America's Cup said 'let's not have the 34th in multihulls'. So why won't it happen?
So convinced yet? They may not have the same turn-on-a-sixpence characteristics as the monohulls used on the World Match Racing Tour or even Version 5 AC boats, but the multihulls that competed last week in the 33rd America’s Cup were astonishing in terms of their performance, sailing upwind at four times wind speed and, as James Spithill amply demonstrated, were more than manoeuvrable enough given some practice, even with a 226ft tall solid wing sail demanding constant attention. During our time in Valencia we didn’t go out of way to find endorsements for the prospect of multihulls being used in future America’s Cups. They were willingly obliged. Despite feeling he was forced into a Deed of Gift match, Ernesto Bertarelli was already pro-multihull having helmed multihulls on Lake Geneva for more than 20 years. After racing on Sunday he commented: “We came out today and there were a couple of Version 5 boats out. They really looked like models compared to what we were sailing... I think it is one of the few times in recent years we have the fastest possible boats racing each other. So why would you want to go slowly?” The most succinct endorsement came from his skipper Brad Butterworth, who up until a few months ago we got the distinct impression hated the damned things. When asked whether the America’s Cup should go back to monohulls, he commented: “I think just the fact you do a Deed of Gift match where there are no rules, it shows you that it is the fastest solution on the planet. You can always go back to the classic monohull boats and the racing would be fine, but if you want more exciting stuff, like I think we have shown we can probably have, then with more time you could make the