Another Commodores' Cup

Three boat team event in Half Tonners to feature at this year's Ramsgate Week

Tuesday March 23rd 2010, Author: Bert Janssen, Location: United Kingdom

The Half Ton Class Europe, in association with the Royal Temple Yacht Club and Ramsgate Week, have announced a new regatta format exclusively reserved for the former IOR-half tonners.

The event will be held on the final three days of Ramsgate Week 2010 over 19--21 August 2010. The half tonners will race as part of the regatta in IRC Class 3, as well as in team races for the Half Ton Commodore’s Cup. The event is named as such after the Commodore of RTYC bought a 1924 trophy previously awarded in Ramsgate and named ‘The Commodores Cup’.

This is undoubtedly going to be a truly International event with several teams from Belgium, UK and France expected to compete. There will be no restrictions to the number of teams, but all entries must hold a current IRC certificate.

The three-boat teams must consist of two Classic ‘one off’ Half Tonners and one classic production Half Tonner, as follows:

- 1 Classic Half Tonner one off with TCC above 0.950
- 1 Classic Half Tonner one off with TCC between 0.935 and 0.950
- 1 Classic Half Tonner production boat (list available at

It is the wish of the Half Ton Class Europe for this event, with the inclusion of a production half tonner in each team, not only to incite owners of such halftonner production boats to participate at regattas, but also to enter their boats in International events such as Ramsgate Week, allowing owners and crews alike to gain huge International sailing experience at a relatively low cost.

The event will be held every two years during Ramsgate Week, in even years. In uneven years the halftonners sail their traditional Half Ton Classics Cup. The date for 2011, which will be held at a UK venue, is yet to be decided.

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