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After a varied opening day to the Tacktick Suunto J/80 UK Nationals

Thursday May 6th 2010, Author: Becci Eplett, Location: United Kingdom

Racing at the Tacktick Suunto J/80 UK National Championship 2010, hosted by Cardiff Bay Yacht Club started with three races run in the Bristol Channel in a northeasterly breeze which ranged throughout the day from five to 20 knots.

After three races sailed the top five boats are separated by just 11 points, although Ian Atkins and his team in had the best day on the water with two race wins and a third place securing them a six point lead over Thor Askeland’s Elle S’Appelle in second place. International Class Chairman and local lad Steve Cooper is in third place in Junior High.

Scott Cole, also from the host club won the third race of the day in Purple Haze. He explained that the racing was very tricky tactically yesterday and that two mid fleet results in the first two races had him and his team a little bewildered: ‘It was so hard today that we were wondering on Purple Haze whether we should still be doing the sport." he joked. And haven’t we all had moments like that? Thankfully, Scott’s bullet in the final race of the day should have allayed any self doubt in time for the racing today.

Toe in the Water, a charity which aims to help the recovery and rehabilitation of injured servicemen through the sport of sailing, has four teams racing at the Tacktick Suunto J/80 UK Nationals. Of the four boats the team on Little Toe had the best day yesterday and put in a performance which was the talk among many of the more regular J/80 owners and crews. In equal fourth place with 16 points, Ryan Elliott (of 1 Rifles, based at Chepstow) has suffered serious blast injuries and is the trimmer on board. With a second place in Race 1 and also in Race 3, Ryan explained their day: "We were OCS at the start of Race 2, but we managed to crawl back up through the fleet only to end up taking another penalty and having to do turns later on the course’. Team Little Toe will be looking to discard the 12th place for Race 2 as the regatta progresses!

A little more breeze is forecast for today and three more races are scheduled in the channel for today. will be looking to consolidate their lead but looking through the results sheet it is quite clear that there a number of teams who have yet to show what they are capable of. It will be an exciting day.



Pos Boat Owner R1 R2 R3 Tot
1 Ian Atkins 1 1 3 5
2 Elle S'appelle Thor Askeland 3 2 6 11
3 Junior High Steve Cooper 5 3 5 13
4 Purple Haze Scott Cole 7 8 1 16
5 Little Toe Toe in the Water 2 12 2 16
6 British Keelboat Academy British Keelboat Academy 6 7 8 21
7 Step Toe Toe in the Water 8 4 11 23
8 Big Toe Toe in the Water 9 11 4 24
9 Joie de Vivre Steve Toynton/Robert Keen 4 10 12 26
10 Tip Toe Toe in the Water 14 6 7 27
11 Just Do It Terry Palmer 13 5 13 31
12 Wave Warrior BNRC 12 9 10 31
13 Just in Time Andy Deverson 10 13 9 32
14 J-Star Nick Duppa-Miller 11 15 14 40
15 Mojo John Griffiths 15 14 15 44


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