Audi MedCup in 2011

Nico Martinez / Audi MedCup
Technical Director Nacho Postigo brings us up to speed
A constant fear for the Audi MedCup organisers this year was that with some certainty coming to the 34th America’s Cup, so many of the AC-teams-in-waiting that participate on their circuit would pull out, leaving fleet racing’s premier class depleted for 2011. However partly thanks to the changes for the 34th AC apparently being either too radical or too expensive or too soon for some of these teams, the situation at present is not looking quite so dire for the TP52 fleet with for example Synergy and possibly Luna Rossa looking to stay on for next season. Nonetheless, while 2011 is lining up to be a year of ‘transition’, the MedCup itself seems to be in good shape as last week in Cagliari Audi announced they were extending their sponsorship by another three years. Into the mix the organisers have also decided to part company with the GP42 class, replacing it with the Argentinean-built Soto 40 one design that will become the new Audi MedCup B boat for next season and on. The best weather gauge for the Audi MedCup is its Technical Director and well known navigator, Nacho Postigo. “What is happening next year is difficult to say, because it is hard to know what is happening with the world of sailing,” he confesses. “I have the feeling that everything is changing – and that’s not just the America’s Cup. There hasn’t been much boat building in the last two years. Some classes are running down. Our position is that we need to be in pole position to take as many people into the circuit as possible when those changes start to happen next year.” While the Juan Kouyoumdjian-designed TeamOrigin 1851 was the only new TP52 built for this year’s Audi MedCup, Postigo reckons that there could be as many as three