Stephane Kandler on the 34th America's Cup

Right to left: Stephane Kandler, Jochen Schuemann and Sebastien Col
Franck Socha / All4One
Right to left: Stephane Kandler, Jochen Schuemann and Sebastien Col
All4One is based in the home of multihulls, France, and its aerospace capital, Toulouse
Over the last few weeks we have been talking to various high profile individuals from both inside and outside of the America’s Cup to gather their views on Russell Coutts’ radical developments with the 34th event. In 2007 Frenchman Stephane Kandler headed K-Challenge, renamed Areva Challenge where Sebastien Col was helmsman. In October last year Kandler formed an alliance with Jochen Schuemann in the Franco-German All4One. This year the team has been competing on the Audi MedCup with Audi A1 powered by All4One as well as in the Louis Vuitton Trophy series. “The most important news is that there will be a yearly World Championship,” says Kandler of the new Cup developments. “I think we launched that with the Louis Vuitton Trophy and for me that is the most important thing, because we are a more commercial team than the others probably and for us the possibility of more racing and adding sport value to what we are doing regarding our preparation for the America’s Cup, is important.” All4One will be one of the teams competing in the final Louis Vuitton Trophy event in Dubai next month. Kandler says that the America’s Cup going multihull he finds exciting, but just because they are a part-French team - France holding most of the world’s multihull technology cards - doesn’t necessarily mean they have that much of an advantage: “For sure the fact that it is a multihull from my point of view is very exciting. It brings new blood in and it also provides an opportunity for the teams to start at the same level. I am a personal believer that whatever the boat is, the most difficult part of the America’s Cup is to have a good group of people on board. This is what we wanted to achieve with All4One and we