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Friday November 26th 2010, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

The World Match Racing Tour has unveiled a new scoring system for the 2011 season to give a more even spread for teams in the top ten. The plans will see points awarded down to 10th place rather than 8th at each stage, while the spread in points between each position will be reduced.

With Tour Card Holders being guaranteed invites to six stages, the new scoring system will still see the team’s best five events count towards their overall position plus the points from the season finale, the Monsoon Cup which carries points worth 1.5 times more.

Under the new scheme the winner of each stage will still win 25 points but the runner up and third place will now receive 22 and 19 respectively compared to the existing model of 20 and 15. The table below shows the proposed breakdown, which will reward teams that perform consistently throughout the season.

WMRT will have nine places available for Tour Card holders in 2011, who will be competing for a bonus prize fund which has been doubled to US$500,000. The top three teams in this year’s WMRT will be guaranteed access to a card - the winner will receive their card for free while the second and third place will be able to secure their cards for US$10,000 and US$20,000 respectively.

Should any of the top three choose not to take up their card next year they will be able to transfer it to another top flight skipper, under the condition that the team taking it up consists of at least 60% of the same crew that won the Tour Card. Invitations for applications for Tour Cards are being distributed this week and must be returned by 17 January.

The 2011 Tour will consist of a minimum of nine stages kicking off at Match Race France from 10-15 May and once again finishing with the Monsoon Cup from 22-27 November


Stage Date Event Location Teams Boats
1 May 10 – 15 Match Race France Marseille, France 12 J80
2 May 24 – 29 Match Race Germany Langenargen, Germany 12 TBC
3 June 7 - 12 Korea Match Cup Gyeonggi, Korea 12 KM36
4 June 22 - 26 Portimao Portugal Match Cup Portimao, Portugal 12 SM40
5 July 4 – 10 Match Cup Sweden Marstrand, Sweden 16 DS37
6 August 24 – 28 Danish Open Bornholm, Denmark 12 DS37
7 Aug 30 – Sept 4 St Moritz Match Race St Moritz, Switzerland 12 Blu26
8 October 3 - 9 Argo Group Gold Cup Hamilton, Bermuda 24 IOD
9 Nov 22 – 27 Monsoon Cup K.Terengganu, Malaysia 12 F36

With the Tour actively seeking to add a further six new venues by 2013, it is currently engaged in conversations with a number of interested parties. It is the aim of the Tour to provide new events with a specialist sailing advisor who can offer expert sailing experience and event management skills and is inviting people to apply for the shortlist of special advisers.

Tour Director Craig Mitchell commented, “The Tour is never standing still as we’re always looking to improve the experience for the teams, fans, media and public. We feel that the current scoring system is a little top heavy with some teams that perform well being left behind on the leaderboard. Even though match racing is a winner takes all sport we hope that the new system will keep the championship podium open for as long as possible, providing drama and excitement until the final cross.”


Pos 2011 Points  2010 points 2011 Points 2010 Points
  (standard race) (standard race)  (Monsoon Cup)  (Monsoon Cup)
1 25 25 38 38
2 22 20 33 30
3 19 15 28 22
4 16 12 24 18
5 14 10 21 15
6 12 8 18 12
7 10 6 15 9
8 8 4 12 6
9 4 N/A 6 N/A
10 2 N/A 6 N/A

How the current standings would look with new scoring system:

Skipper 2010 Points Points under Proposed 2011 System
Matthieu Richard 105 113
Adam Minoprio 90 102
Ben Ainslie 88 98
Torvar Mirsky 76 92
Ian Williams 72 88
Jesper Radich 60 66
Francesco Bruni 53 73
Peter Gilmour 51 65
Bjorn Hansen 33 47
Magnus Holmberg 29 41

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