Moving to two hulls

Artemis Racing's Terry Hutchinson at the Extreme Sailing Series
While one half of Artemis Racing recovers in Auckland from the embarrassment of being the first to flip the new AC45, the other half of the Swedish Cup team’s squad is in Oman this week for the Extreme Sailing Series, Muscat. For skipper Terry Hutchinson and his crew Sean Clarkson, Morgan Trubovich and Andy Fethers, this is their first ever big boat race in a multihull. So far they have got off to a good start – one of the four teams tied in first place on day one, slightly off the pace in the brisk conditions of day two, before being the stand-out team yesterday as the format of the regatta changed to ‘stadium sailing’, with short courses laid off the beach here at The Wave, Muscat. Artemis Racing is now second overall, just three points adrift of Groupe Edmond de Rothschild with two more days of racing to run. Hutchinson admits he is still getting up to speed with these new catamaran things. “We are figuring it out slowly. I am so used to sailing a boat with a little tug on the helm and a little rudder load, but on these boats in particular if there is a little pull, anything other than neutral on the helm, it is an indication that the boat isn’t going well - for me it’s usually an indication that it feels well, but that’s not the case [with the Extreme 40s]. So we are all learning on the boat and it was really nice to have a good day because we had a clanger in the last race yesterday and I was pretty disappointed with how I sailed and it was nice to come back.” Luna Rossa won the first race yesterday and this slightly bemused Hutchinson as while theory states that typically minimising