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Early lead for the Irish

A tricky opening day of racing at the Melges 24 Worlds in Corpus Christi

Monday May 16th 2011, Author: Justin Chisholm, Location: United States

Day one of the 2011 Melges 24 World Championship in Corpus Christi, Texas, saw two closely fought races completed in sparkling conditions.

The first race was sailed in an oscillating 7-10 knot breeze and saw American Alan Field at the helm of WTF, take the win after overtaking the initial leader, Nathan Wilmot on the Irish boat Embarr just before the second windward mark.

By the time Race two got underway the wind had clocked significantly to the right and built in strength up to around 14 - 16 knots. American Kristen Lane steering Brick House 812, led around the first mark, and despite letting her grip on the race loosen for a while on the second beat, she came back strong to retake the lead at the final top mark. From then on she was totally in control, and after sailing a tactically astute second run, she eased home to take a well deserved race win. A solid fifth for Wilmot in that race was enough to give the Irish crew aboard Embarr the overall lead, just one point ahead of reigning World Champion Lorenzo Bressani on Uka Uka Racing. Tied on points with Bressani is Norwegian Eivind Melleby on Full Medal Jacket, whose 5,3 score puts him in third place at the end of Day 1.

Race one

The expectation was always for light to medium conditions to prevail on the first day of the 2011 Melges 24 World Championship, and race one was started in an unstable 8 - 10 knots of breeze, with direction swings of up to 20°. A significant right hand shift minutes after the start, saw almost the entire fleet tack onto port soon after the gun. The boats who got out to the right soonest appeared to pick up a little extra pressure in the first half of the beat, but as the leg progressed it was Embarr which came in from the middle right to lead at the top mark. Two to three boat lengths behind was WTF. A further five boatlengths behind, Eivind Melleby on Full Medal Jacket, headed a a gaggle of seven or eight boats, including Flavio Favini on Blu Moon, Ricardo Simoneschi on Audi, and Lorenzo Bressani on Uka Uka Racing.

As the two leading boats extended down the first run, the breeze faded a little and became somewhat patchy, presenting plenty of passing opportunities among the still closely compacted chasing pack. The dying wind had also continued to clock around to the right, requiring the race committee to shorten the second beat and lay a change mark considerably further to the right. Given the change in wind direction, the bulk of the leading group chose the right hand gate mark (looking upwind), but second placed Field chose to break off and round the left hand buoy. This ultimately proved to be a race winning move, as by the latter part of the second beat, Field had hooked into a left hand shift and some extra pressure which took him past Wilmot on the approach to the second windward mark. From there on Field was in complete control, and with the breeze now shifting even further right and slowly beginning to build again, he was easily able to maintain his leverage on the fleet to take a comfortable race win. Wilmot proved to be equally safe in second, with Melleby demonstrating some excellent downwind speed to take third.

Race two

After a brief delay to allow the breeze to complete its swing to the right, the race committee went in to sequence for the second race. Perhaps anticipating a further shift to the right, the fleet all seemed keen to start at the committee boat end of the line, and the resulting bunching caused a general recall on the first start attempt.

More evenly spread along the line for the second start, the fleet then got away cleanly, with former Moth World Champion Bora Gulari on New England Ropes/West Marine nailing the start at the right hand end and getting an initial jump on the fleet. However even before the mid point of the first beat it was Japan's Eiichiro Hamazaki on Esprit, who was making the early running on the right of the course, ahead of Favini and Kristen Lane.

By the top mark Lane had squeezed into the lead ahead of Favini and Hamazaki in second and third. These three boats were engaged in a full on battle for the lead throughout the entire first downwind leg, with Lane ultimately rounding the left hand gate mark just seconds before Hamazaki turned at the right buoy. Favini was hot on their heels, rounding the left mark just a couple of feet ahead of American Brian Porter on Full Throttle. The scrap for the lead continued up the second beat, with Lane briefly relinquishing the lead to Favini at the midpoint, before coming back strongly in the closing stages of the leg, to squeeze in on the port layline and tack cleanly just feet ahead of Favini. This tack left Favini struggling to lay the mark and his subsequent clearing tack on to port in front of the incoming Lorenzo Bressani on Uka Uka Racing resulted in Bressani doing penalty turns. Lane had meanwhile escaped and was then able to extend her lead down the final run and went on to take the win ahead of Bressani in second and Eivind Melleby in third.

In the overall scorings, Nathan Wilmot's second and fifth were good enough to see him top the leaderboard at the end of the first day, with a one point advantage over Lorenzo Bressani and Eivind Melleby who were tied on points in second and third respectively. Kristen Lane's 8,1, scoreline puts her in fourth overall, tied her on points with Flavio Favini in fifth.

Melges 24 World Championships include a Corinthian Division for those teams without any ISAF classified professional sailors. The Corinthians race with the main fleet but are also scored separately for the Melges 24 Corinthian World Championship. Two Corinthian first places for Eiichiro Hamazaki gives him the overall lead at the end of Day 1, with American Kevin Clark on Smokin second with a third and a fifth. With a eighth and a second, August Hernandez on High Voltage, rounds out the Corinthian top three.

With a more familiar local weather system now appearing to establish itself, there is a good chance that tomorrow will see the full arrival of the Corpus Christi thermal breezes. To give the wind its best chance to develop, the start time for racing on Day 2 has been pushed back to 13.00.


Pos Bow/Sail   Boat   Skipper R1 R2 Tot
1   04 / IRL 607   Embarr   Conor Clarke   2   5   7  
2   21 / ITA 817   UkaUka Racing   Lorenzo Bressani   6   2   8T  
3   27 / NOR 804   Full Medal Jacket   Eivind Melleby   5   3   8T  
4   02 / USA 812   Brick House 812   Kristen Lane   8   1   9T  
5   20 / SUI 596   Blu Moon   Flavio Favini   3   6   9T  
6   15 / ITA 735   ALTEA   Andrea Racchelli   4   7   11  
7   01 / USA 811   WTF   Alan Field   1   11   12  
8   32 / JPN 783   Esprit   Eiichiro Hamazaki 11   4   15  
9   17 / BER655   hedgehog   Alec Cutler   9   8   17  
10   16 / ITA 819   AUDI   Riccardo Simoneschi   7   12   19  
11   29 / USA-749   FULL THROTTLE   Brian Porter   16   9   25T  
12   25 / USA 820   New England Ropes/West Marine   Bora Gulari   15   10   25T  
13   08 / AUS 553   Bandit   Warwick Rooklyn   14   13   27  
14   22 / FRA 644   ZIG ZAG 18   Henri Samuel   12   16   28  
15   07 / AUS 686   Coco   Heath Walters   13   17   30  
16   26 / USA 604   Tom Slick   Jeff Wittenberg   10   23   33  
17   06 / USA 623   Brick House 623   Peter Lane   18   18   36  
18   24 / USA 786   BATTLE RHYTHM   Guy Mossman   22   15   37  
19   05 / USA 700   ARDOR/C.R.E.A.M.   David O'Reilly   19   20   39  
20   31 / USA 379   Team Velocitek   Daniel Kaseler   20   21   41  
21   10 / USA 533   High Voltage   August Hernandez 28   14   42  
22   09 / USA 344   Cold Shot   Steve Eller 17   28   45T  
23   14 / USA 24   Smokin   Kevin Clark 21   24   45T  
24   11 / CAN 121   Black Dog   Dave Black 27   22   49T  
25   03 / USA 674   Rosebud   Scott Holmgren 23   26   49T  
26   12 / USA675   12happythoughts   David Brede   25   25   50  
27   13 / USA 615   Funtech Racing   Charlie Hess 24   27   51  
28   28 / GER 635   Unsponsored   Christof Wieland 33/RAF   19   52  
29   33 / USA 480   Monsoon II   Mark Hulings 26   30   56  
30   23 / USA 15   Abordage   Erwan le Gall 29   29   58  
31   18 / USA 494   Wee Jaggie   Andrew Walford 30   31   61  
32 30 / USA 201   Mako   Stephen McMillan   31   32   63  

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