Fast tracking on the AC45

Gilles Martin-Raget /
Chris Draper on progress at Team Korea
With Skandia Team GBR’s 49er squad being scaled back, so Chris Draper and Pete Greenhalgh have taken the opportunity to keep their bank managers happy by getting themselves recruited by AC teams. With the first ever America’s Cup World Series regatta starting on 6 August, so Greenhalgh is in the unlikely position of sailing with the French aboard Energy Team with Loick Peyron/Yann Guichard (Greenhalgh and Peyron sailed together on the Extreme 40 Oman Sail Masirah last year) as Chris Draper, the Athens 49er bronze medallist and the2009 Extreme Sailing Series winning helmsman, has been announced as skipper of Team Korea. Draper and Greenhalgh opted to investigate ‘other avenues’ following Sail for Gold, where they had failed to earn themselves the sole British 49er spot available for the Olympic test event. “It was always a tricky decision to know whether to go back to the 49er or not,” admits Draper. “I went back to it after the Extreme 40 stuff and knowing what might happen with the AC, that there could be some opportunities there that I was potentially turning my back on - that has always been at the back of my mind. So the timing with Korea couldn’t really be better.” CEO of Team Korea is Kim Dong-Young, well known, at least on the World Match Racing Tour, as the driving force behind the Korea Match Cup. So Draper did well to get the nod over the numerous match racing skippers who no doubt applied for the position. “I am over the moon,” he says. “I am very very pleased to be a part of it and as you can imagine, I am very proud to have been asked and keen to show that I can put it together.” While a match racing skipper might be the more obvious choice for an