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Big Thursday

Brisk conditions at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week

Thursday August 11th 2011, Author: Rupert Holmes, Location: United Kingdom

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The big winds continued for day six of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week, powering the biggest yachts to blistering speeds approaching 30 knots. Most dayboat classes were set short courses that ensured they had finished racing before gusts to 38 knots were encountered in the afternoon.

“It was a really exciting day, with a couple of enormous knockdown gusts of 31-32 knots just before our start,” said Liz Rushall whose boat Whiskers took a second win of the week in the Quarter Ton class. “We had a running start, but left the spinnaker in the bag. Even so, we hit 11.2 knots surfing in the eastern Solent. It was a super course for the conditions, with lots of reaches that made it quite safe sailing given the wind strength.”

Pip Tyler’s J/105 Nielson Redeye was fifth, his team’s best result so far in IRC Class 4. “We’ve had another really fantastic day,” he said after stepping ashore. “We were cautious and didn’t use the spinnaker, but we still hit more than 16 knots. It was a perfect length of race and everyone had massive great grins on their faces as we flew down the big waves in the western Solent.”

Many sailors chose to stay ashore: no Sonars, Mermaids or Sunbeams elected to race, and only 15 of the 26 Redwings entered turned up for the start. Similarly only 24 of the 43-strong Laser SB3 fleet started, and seven of those retired before the end of the race. In all there were some 100 retirements.

Tim Eccles, part owner of the Mini Tonner Magic Bus in IRC Class 7, was one of those who stayed ashore: “We broke a rudder pintle earlier in the week, then a spreader yesterday,” he said. “Luckily the rig stayed up, and we’ve fixed the boat, but we want to keep it in one piece for the Mini Ton Cup.” Many crews of larger Black Group boats had a more immediate concern on their minds – keeping their craft intact for the 605-mile Rolex Fastnet Race that starts on Sunday.

XODs’ big day

Despite the strong winds, 119 of the record 145 boats entered in the XOD class Centenary Regatta made the start line for their special Centenary Race Day, which was started on the Royal Yacht Squadron line by HRH The Princess Royal. The RYS starting platform was packed to an unprecedented density and crowds massed 10 deep on the waterfront, undeterred by the early morning rain.

Ado Jardine’s Lucrezia, Chris Froy, Andrew Shaw and Alan Roberts’ Phoenix, John Long and Tina Scott’s Relaxation, and Stuart Jardine’s Lone Star all had good starts, running downwind towards a mark laid off Lee on Solent on the mainland shore.

“Today we knew the majority of the fleet would want to start near the committee boat,” said Andy Shaw of Phoenix, “but we reckoned any potential gains from starting there would be small and it was better to have clean air. We rounded the leeward mark in second place, just in front of a big pack of boats, and then pulled into first place on the beat.”

Phoenix finished 26 seconds in front of Simon Russell, Darren Maple and Richard Lovering’s Swallow, to take an impressive third win in this incredibly competitive class. Steve and Peter Lawrence and Paddy Smart’s Catherine took third, while the entire class enjoyed incredibly close racing today, with 53 seconds separating places 7 to 14, and just 7 seconds dividing 47 to 53.

In the Mixed Day Boat start, Tom Richardson’s 1720 Premier Cru was closest to the line at the gun, near to the outer end of the line. However, her lead on the water was short lived as Anthony Esse and Charlie Esse’s modified J/80 Wellington College flew past and soon pulled out a big lead. She retained this at the finish, to win the Modified J/80 class by almost five minutes from William Evans’ Royal 3 and Christopher Hill’s Spanko.

Premier Cru similarly held the lead in the 1720 class at the finish line, ahead of Livingstone, Brown, Lewis’ Rum n Cork, and Richard Powell and Andrew Sutherland’s Rogan Josh. The only Sonata to enter today, Michael Tennant’s Xantz retired, but Southampton UOTC’s Hunter 707 Officer Cadet, the sole entrant today, completed the course to take her second win of the regatta.

Black Group

The two Mini Maxis in the IRC Big Boat class – Niklas Zennström’s Ràn and Andres Soriano’s Alegre – did not race today, even though Ran was in pole position to win the Abu Dhabi Trophy, having already notched up two wins in the three-race series. George David’s giant Rambler 100 set off with one reef in the mainsail, while F Vaton’s Swan 100 Alalunga opted for a double reef at the start of their 50-mile race. Rambler shot round the course in less than three hours 25 minutes to take her first win and lift the trophy.

In Class IRC 3, Robin Lucas, Andrew Lax, Richard Heighton and Doug Pennycuick’s Swan 44 Bewick of Cowes attempted a port tack flyer at the inshore end of the line, but was forced to bear away behind the entire fleet. This left Bernard Olesinski’s X40 Xinska ahead of the pack closest to the inshore end of the line, followed by Woutjan Hermsen’s Ker 32 Luctor et Emergo ll. Gilles Caminade’s Archambault A35 Chenapan, was third off the line and first to tack onto port, followed by Xinska.

However, the day suited Mike Birmingham’s Corby 34 Oxygen lll best – he was first boat home by an impressive 14 minutes, winning easily on corrected time from the Layfield Family’s J/39 Sleeper. Lars Huechstaedt’s Corby 35 Heizkorper Sailing Team took third.

After the start of IRC Class 4 Peter Scholfield’s HOD 35 Zarafa made an early port tack towards the north shore, clearing ahead of the entire fleet apart from one of the X-362s. Within three minutes of the start all leaders had tacked onto port, although Robert Martin’s Kratos and Johan Bol’s Stern 33 A Boen were significantly closer to the Island shore than the rest of the leading pack.

Zarafa took both line honours and the win on corrected time, the latter with a margin of just 52 seconds from Tom Snowball’s First 34.7 Mongoose, who retained the overall lead in the class. Another HOD 35, James Neville’s White Knight of Wessex, was third.

The Sigma 38s made a mostly cautious start, allowing Max Walker’s Pavlova lll and Kevin Sussmilch’s Mefisto to flip immediately onto port tack ahead of the fleet. With Mefisto in the advantageous lee bow position she pulled into an early lead. Around 10 minutes into the race Chris and Vanessa Choules’ With Alacrity pulled further to windward of this pack, the fleet heeling dramatically as formidable gusts off the Beaulieu River whipped spray off the wave tops. At the end of the two-hour race Mefisto took her fifth win of the week, ahead of Pavlova lll and John Edwards’ Red Macaw.

Overall results:

Black Group Overall
1, PANTHER (James Stableford)
3, YES! (Adam Gosling)
4, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara & Tony Lowe)
5, MEFISTO (Kevin Sussmilch)
6, SIMPLICITY (Rory Fitzwilliams)
7, MONGOOSE (Tom Snowball)

White Group Overall
1, DAUNTLESS (Giles Peckham, Milo Carver & Richard Romer-Lee)
2, QUAIL (Edmund Peel and James Wilson)
3, MEN BEHAVING BADLY (Rupert & John Mander)
4, AIMEE (Graham Bailey)
5, SKUA (Harry Roome, Prue Roome & David Lees)
6, AQUABAT (Fred Warren-Smith)
7, PHOENIX (Chris Froy, Andrew Shaw & Alan Roberts)
8, DANNY (Roger Wickens)

IRC Big Boats
1, RAMBLER 100 (George David)
2, RAN (Niklas Zennstrom)
3, ALALUNGA (F.Vaton)
4, ALEGRE (Mr Andres Soriano)

IRC Class 0
1, TEAM ORIGIN (Charles Dunstone)
2, PACE (Johnny Vincent)
4, BOB (Rob Gray, Sam Laidlaw & Tony Hayward)
5, NEAR MISS (Franck Noel)
6, TEAM GAC PINDAR (Team GAC Pindar)
7, TOE IN THE WATER (Toe in the Water)
8, OYSTERCATCHER XXVIII (Richard Matthews)
9, HASPA HAMBURG (HASPA Hamburg HVS Volker Linzer)
10, VENOMOUS (Derek Saunders)

IRC Class 1
1, TOKOLOSHE (Michael Bartholomew)
2, INIS MOR (Bernard Gouy)
3, ANTILOPE (Willem Wester)
4, MARINETTI (Robert Condon & Simon Shaw)
5, CODIAM (Nicoleau & Loday)
6, MAGIC (Aasmund Drolsum)
8, JOHN B (Chaz Ivill)
9, ERIVALE III (Michael Greville)
10, WEERGA (W & R Liezenga)

IRC Class 2
1, SHMOKIN' JOE (Duncan McDonald & Phil Thomas)
2, JINJA (Ian Matthews)
3, JENGA 7 (Paul Heys)
4, INGA FROM SWEDEN (Richard Goransson)
5, J-XCENTRIC (John van der Starre & Robin Verhoef)
6, PREMIER FLAIR (Jim Macgregor)
7, GRAND SLAM (Hans Keverling Buisman)
8, VISIT MALTA PUMA (David Vines)
9, JOLLY (David Richards)
10, TILT (Alex Moore & Andy Moore)

IRC Class 3
1, FATJAX (Iain Kirkpatrick)
2, SLEEPER (Layfield Family)
3, XINSKA (Bernard Olesinski)
4, OXYGEN III (Mike Birmingham)
5, CHENAPAN (Chenapan)
6, NJOS HEIZKORPER TEAM (Heizkorper Sailing Team)
7, MALICE (Mike Moxley)
8, MATILDA (David Franks)
9, TONTIN (Borghijs Ronsyn)
10, BANSHEE (Lance Adams)

IRC Class 4
1, MONGOOSE (Tom Snowball)
2, ZARAFA (Peter Scholfield)
3, ALARIS (John Howell)
4, XCITABLE (Peter Hodgkinson & Sarah Bailey)
5, STILETTO (John Barrett & Paul Woodward)
6, KING LOUIE (Fiona & Malcolm Thorpe)
7, MUSKOX (Neville Devonport)
8, KRATOS (Robert Martin)
9, A BOEN (Johan Bol)
10, WHITE KNIGHT OF WESSEX (James Neville)

IRC Class 5
1, YES! (Adam Gosling)
2, FEVER (Grant Gordon)
3, MCFLY (Tony Mack)
4, WINSOME (Harry J Heijst)
5, BRIGHTWORK (Bob & Jon Baker)
6, BOOMERANG (Ray Crouch, Paul Baker & Damien Kenny)
7, J'RONIMO (David Greenhalgh & John Taylor)
8, SCENARIO ENCORE (Stuart Fitton)
9, INJENIOUS (Dr Gillian Ross)
10, SHADES OF BLUE (Ed Holton)

IRC Class 6
1, SIMPLICITY (Rory Fitzwilliams)
2, SEVCON TEAM CHIA CHIA (Phil Eagleton)
3, JACOBITE (Stephen James)
4, PATRIOT GAMES (Paul Blowers & Nick Daniels)
5, ALVINE XV (Alistair Evans)
7, COOL BLUE (Simon Cory)
8, BEAT & RUN (Chris Haworth)
9, BURHOU (Wilks Family)
10, CATCH 22 - SAIL 4 CANCER (Tim Cork)

IRC Class 7
1, MOO (Jo Richards)
2, MADELAINE (Madelaine & Isobella Donald)
3, FIANCHETTO (Ed Brand)
4, MANDARIN (Paul Dunstan)
5, GROWLING KOUGAR (Simon Judge)
6, GOOGLE-EYE (Pat Stables & Nigel Hunter)
7, HUBBLE BUBBLE (Dave Wright)
8, LOVE IN A MIST (Philip Williams)
9, ROSAIRE (Michael Squire)
10, CONTEZA (David Kirkley)

1, INFLEXION 2 (Inflexion Managers)
2, PREMIER CRU (Tom Richardson)
3, RUM N CORK (Livingstone, Brown, Lewis)
4, ROGAN JOSH (Richard Powell & Andrew Sutherland)
5, INFLEXION 1 (Inflexion Managers)

Contessa 32
1, BLANCO (Ray Rouse)
2, DRUMBEAT (Eldred Himsworth)
3, EQUATOR (Simon & Kay Porter)
4, ANDAXI (Chris North)
5, CORAFIN (Jess Hoggarth)
6, CONTESSA CATHERINE (Robin Milledge & Mark Tyndall)
7, JEMMA OF BOSHAM (Keith Hardy)
8, NIMBUS (Michael Hill)
9, CONNIE (Kim Oliver & Mark Oliver)
10, COH KAREK (Tim Devlin)

1, DAUNTLESS (Giles Peckham, Milo Carver & Richard Romer-Lee)
2, DEFENDER (J Preston, M Fear & S Macleod)
3, DOLPHIN (David N Gower)
4, DECANTER (Jamie Clark)
5, DECOY (A Norton, R Ottaway, D Chaplin, J Goodwin, M Holland)
6, DOUBLE KNOT (J Hackman, J Hackman, A Babbington-Smith, J Matthews)
7, DYNAMITE (Anthony Balme)
8, DAMSEL (Ben Rogers & Jamie Scrimgeour)
9, DREAMER (Mrs Lavinia Perry)
10, STREAK (Hamish Janson, Malcolm Lofts & George Dibben)

1, AIMEE (Graham Bailey)
2, ECSTATIC (Eric Williams)
3, JERBOA (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
4, NAIAD (Mike Hayles)
5, NJORD (Owen Pay)
6, SUPREMACY (Richard Cullen)
7, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Chris Brittain)
8, SEAFIRE (David Crabb)
9, FANFARE (Michael Issaias)
10, LA TRAVIATA (John Mellows)

1, FREELANCE (Laurence Mead)
2, MOONLIGHT (Downer Family)
3, ESPRIT (Mr R Elliott)
4, RAGTIME (Rob & Ashley Goddard)
5, WAKE (W Wagner)
6, CHINA WHITE (Nick Stagg)
7, LET RIP (Team Let Rip)
8, DARLING S (Matt Kavanagh)
10, MAYHEM (Geof Gibbons)

First 34.7
1, MONGOOSE (Tom Snowball)
2, KRATOS (Robert Martin)
3, MADRACO (Richard Lewis)
5, AS IF BY MAGIC (Timon Robson & Liz Lefeber)
6, WHITE KNIGHT 6 (The Royal Yeomanry Regiment)
7, ABERDEEN COBRA (Chris Skelhorn)

First 40.7
1, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara & Tony Lowe)
2, TRADITION PHILOSOPHIE IV (Nicolas Gaumont-Prat)
3, TRUSTMARQUE (Peter Robson)
4, ANTICIPATION (Christopher Jago)
5, FANDANGO (Brendan McMahon & Adam Ridett)
6, RAFIKI TEAM HOTWATCH (Sir David Clementi)
7, LANCELOT BRITANNIA (Lancelot Britannia)
8, GENIE (Andy Jackson)
9, KEEL OVER (Impression Event Management)
10, EMG 1 (James Gair)

Flying 15
1, MEN BEHAVING BADLY (Rupert & John Mander)
2, BLACK (Nick Clarke & Kathy Hunt)
3, SEA-JAY (Alex Storrar)
4, FFURAHA (Mike Boll & Gil McCutcheon)
5, FIFTY FIFTY (Andrew Millband)
6, CREW'S MISSILE (Graham Latham)
7, AFFORE THE WEAK (Michael & Alex Tatlow)
8, DOUBLE TROUBLE (Andrew Rutherford & Eleanor Rutherford)
9, COMFORTABLY NUMB (David J Peters)
10, FICKLE (Dr V Manning)

ISC Rating System
1, PANTHER (James Stableford)
2, GAZELLE (Mrs Minka Armitage)
3, WHITE HEATHER (Janet, Lionel & David Miller)
5, ALEXIR BLUE (Robert Davison)
6, CALYPSO (Jon Foreman)
7, APRES LE VENT (G60 Red)
8, HULA (Malcolm Moss)
9, FEMME FATALE (G60 Blue)
10, LIASON (Adrian Poulton)

1, OFFICER CADET (Southampton UOTC)
2, SURFEIT (Stock Exchage Sailing Association)
3, ARTIFICER (Southampton UOTC)

1, VELVET ELVIS (Adam & Helen Wright)
2, YEOMAN (Calascione/Ripard family)
3, INSPARA (Christopher Sharples & Richard Acland)
4, SHIVA (M Boyle)
5, LEVANTE (Stanley, Walker & Williams)
6, ALEXABELLE (Mr J Goodwin & Mr B Huber)
7, KPMG MEIJBURG & CO (KPMG Meijburg & Co)
8, ME JULIE (Dominic Monkhouse)
9, BASIC INSTINCT (Colin Campbell)
10, JAMBO (Graham Simpson)

1, BOATS.COM (Ian Atkins)
3, TEAM BALTIC (Team Baltic)
4, SPITFIRE (RAF Benevolent Fund Team Spitfire)
5, JUMPIN JENGA (Stewart Hawthorn)
6, LA BETE (Jon Powell)
7, J.A.T (Chris Taylor)
8, NEMO (Mike Turner)
9, JASMINE (Doug Neville-Jones)
10, WILD WALLY (Robert Walters, David Walters & James O'Neill)

Laser SB3
1, EAU NO! (Mark Stokes)
2, RED ROCKET (Nicholas Thompson)
3, UNDERGROUND TOYS (Andrew Oddie)
4, GILL (Sarah Allan)
5, EDIGITALRESEARCH (Alec Russell (eDigitalResearch))
6, SPONGE BOB (Oppie Dads - McLean, Quinton, Waha & Webb)
7, DOOLALLI (The Simonds Team)
9, ROLA-TRAC (Ben Saxton)
10, POLARBEAR (Tim Newton)

1, BUZZ (Phil Cotton)
2, NITRIC (Nigel Talbot)
3, WWW.SEACART26.COM (Calle Hennix)
4, WANDERING GLIDER (Matthew West)
5, MAD HATTER (Anthony Pope)
6, MY CAT (Tim Swinburn)

Nautor's Swan Trophy

Ondeck Ocean Racer
1, SPIRIT OF JUNO (Spirit of Juno)
2, SPIRIT OF MINERVA (Spirit of Minerva)
3, SPIRIT OF ISIS (Spirit of Isis)
4, SPIRIT OF DIANA (Spirit of Diana)
5, BIG SPIRIT (Clipper Events; Big Spirit)

Quarter Ton
1, PANIC (Mark Lees (Team Echo))
2, WHISKERS (Liz Rushall)
3, PHOENIX (Welch, Manser, Flemming & Fulford)
4, INNUENDO (B.Byham, R.Boxell & R.Swinney)
5, ESPADA (Louise Morton)
6, HANNAH J (Miss Sarah Lyle & Mr Richard Johnson)
7, RAGTIME 2 (Tony Newberry)
8, BULLIT (James Forster)
9, KEPI (David Friend)
10, RUM BLEU (Wood, Wheeler, Stone & Bowden)

1, QUAIL (Edmund Peel and James Wilson)
2, HARLEQUIN (Matt Alexander & John Raymond)
3, CAPELLA II (Hugo Cuddigan)
4, RED GAUNTLET II (Annie, Joe & Bel Robertson)
5, AVOCET (Rupert & Michael MacInnes)
6, MUSICUS (Nicholas Robertson & David McCue)
7, ROSETTA (George Greenwood & Jeremy Tate)
8, SISKIN (Thomas Montagu Douglas Scott)
9, TOUCAN (Colin & Becky Samuelson, Peter & Lynne Romer-Lee)
10, GOSLING (The Gosling Family)

RS Elite
1, RSSAILING.COM (Martin Wadhams)
2, AEOLUS (Jono Brown - Selby Jennings Financial Recruitment Specialist)
3, MATTERHORN JACK (Roger Wilson)
4, E'TU (Steve Powell)
5, CIAOBELLA (Mike Tong)
6, OUTLAW (Jeremy Tolhurst)
7, FOUDAFAFA (Damien Jouvent & Julien Bridel)
8, SOAK THERAPY (Egerton-Warburton Family)
9, TIMELESS (Marcus Bates)
9, KANDOO III (Crauford McKeon)

Seaview Mermaid
1, SHEEN (Anthony Eaton)
2, AMETHYST (Richard Davies & Nick Hewitt)
3, JADE (Will Caws)
4, BLUEBELL (Jonathan Baines, Alex Baines & Max Baines)
5, ROSEMARY (Richard Ambler)
6, ZARA (Elizabeth Windridge)
7, SCUTTLE (Mike Randall & John Turner)
8, ADASTRA (Charles Tilley & Michael Smith)
9, SIRENA (Jamie Nimmo, Robert Lidsbury & Jimmy Spence)
10, HALLUF (Richard Prest)

Sigma 33
1, WHIPPA SNAPPA (Richard J Puddifoot)
2, SHADOWFAX (Andy Johns & David Rolfe)
3, WORKOUT (Jeff Worboys)
4, MUSKOKA (Ed Smith)
5, PROSPERO OF HAMBLE (Allan Fraser)
6, SPIRIT OF KUDU (Mark Watkins)
7, LUCENT (Tim Allan)
8, CHASER (David Cheney)
9, HERITAGE (Bernard Kinchin)
10, JUPA (Michael Saunders)

Sigma 38
1, MEFISTO (Kevin Sussmilch)
2, PAVLOVA III (Max Walker)
3, RED MACAW (John Edwards)
4, WITH ALACRITY (Chris & Vanessa Choules)
5, RAPSCALLION (Peter Diamond)
6, NUANCE (Eddie Proctor)
7, LIGHT (Susan & John Rainger)
8, KINDRED SPIRIT (Rob & Jules Lee)
9, ZANZARA (Nick Gale)
10, VITESSE (Peter Hopps)

Solent Sunbeam
1, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
2, BETTY (Nick Leach & Becky Wickens)
3, SYMPHONY (Mr & Mrs Anthony Robinson and Mr & Mrs Mark Harvey)
4, JENNY (Richard Pearson)
5, FLEURY (Joe Burnie)
6, EPOQUERY (Tim Hill)
7, DAINTY (Peter Nicholson)
8, PENNY (Julian Money)
9, SPRAY (Alan Stannah)
10, MAISY (Toby Spreckley)

1, MUMM-RA (Will Rome)
2, JOSH (Shoreham Youth Team)
3, FISCAL (Peter Dudgeon)
4, BISCUIT (Brian Malone)
5, PERISCAOPE (Peter Collins, Rodney Jones and A Blizzard)
6, BERTIE (Simon Barter)
7, HIBISCUS (James Holman)
8, GERONIMO (Sussex Sailability)
9, WISCONSIN (Sussex Sailability (Deaf Crew))
10, PISCES (John Pryke)

1, XANTZ (Michael Tennant)
2, HIGH NOTE (Olly Bewes)
3, BARRACUDA (Robin MacCaw & Joe MacCaw)
4, FSHARP (David Hunter)
5, TOSCA (Doug & Sasha Struth)

1, WELLINGTON COLLEGE (Anthony Esse & Charlie Esse)
2, ROYAL 3 (William Evans)
3, ROYAL 1 (Freddie Edwards)
4, SPANKO (Christopher Hill)
5, ROYAL 4 (Miss Alexandra Neill)
6, SASSI (Sophie Sheldon)

1, AQUABAT (Fred Warren-Smith)
2, POLYPHAGUS (Stephen Porter)
3, FIRECRACKER TOO (Andrew Porteous & Jerry Westbrook)
4, LADY PENELOPE (Malcolm Hutchings & Andy Ramsey)
5, SURPRISE (Duncan & John Grindley)
6, SCARAB II (Peter Eddis)
7, SATU (Kev & Marney Gibson)
8, LIZ WHIZ (Raymond Prime)
9, OSPREY (Mr Chris Gear & Miss Alex Porteous)
10, HUSSAR (Martin Harrison, Jon Evans, Ben Gibson)

Sunsail F40
4, DELOITTE 4 (James Yearsley)
6, RED FUNNEL 1 (Hannah Hartshorn)
8, ABERDEEN 2 (Ed Mockridge)
9, ALEXANDER ROSE (Borge Leth)
10, ABERDEEN 1 (John Horn)

1, SKUA (Harry Roome, Prue Roome & David Lees)
2, AVOCET (John Houghton)
4, DART (Rebecca Kalderon)
5, MIGRANT (Charles Fisher, Richard & Carol Thompson)
6, SOLITUDE (AJ Lunch & AM Reid)
7, WHIMBREL (Peter Snell, Michael Cover & Alison Garrett)
8, SPINDRIFT (Bill Salmon & Dudley Howard)
9, KANSU (Sam Richards, Michael Ewart Smith & Ben Richards)
10, ECHO (Simon Miller)

1, ZIVA (Mark & Joanna Dennington)
2, SHEARWATER (Russell Mead)
3, ZELIA (Geoff & Sarah Dixon, Maxine Reeves and Hugh Winter)
4, VARIETY (Janet Dee & Shaun Hopkins)
5, ZEST (K and S Taylor & J Childs)
6, MINX (Miss Delphine Freeman)
7, ZIRCON (Gareth Penn)
8, PEREGRINE (Duncan, Carol, Di & Tom)
9, ZEPHYR (Hugh Pringle,Philippa Pringle & Patrick Pringle)
10, NADA (Tom Taylor & Philip Lasko)

X One Design
1, PHOENIX (Chris Froy, Andrew Shaw & Alan Roberts)
2, EXCALIBUR (Adrian Summers, Ian Paton & Ed Fitzgerarld)
3, SWALLOW (Simon Russell, Darren Maple & Richard Lovering)
4, LASS (Richard Bullock & Richard Jordan)
5, LARA (Willy McNeill & Ted Tredrae)
6, XIN BAI (George Cooper)
7, RELAXATION (John Long and Tina Scott)
8, XL (Ben Paton, Simon McCarthy & Adam Richards)
9, ZEPHYR (Jonathan Clark)
10, ASTRALITA (Michael Martell, Fraser Graham & Tim Copsey)

Commodore's Challenge Cup

The Westmacott Trophy
1, PHOENIX (Chris Froy, Andrew Shaw & Alan Roberts)
2, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
3, ZIVA (Mark & Joanna Dennington)
4, SHEEN (Anthony Eaton)
5, EXCALIBUR (Adrian Summers, Ian Paton & Ed Fitzgerarld)
6, AMETHYST (Richard Davies & Nick Hewitt)
7, SHEARWATER (Russell Mead)
8, VARIETY (Janet Dee & Shaun Hopkins)
9, SWALLOW (Simon Russell, Darren Maple & Richard Lovering)
10, ZELIA (Geoff & Sarah Dixon, Maxine Reeves and Hugh Winter)

Mixed Dayboat Overall
1, WELLINGTON COLLEGE (Anthony Esse & Charlie Esse)
2, INFLEXION 2 (Inflexion Managers)
3, XANTZ (Michael Tennant)
4, OFFICER CADET (Southampton UOTC)

Young Skipper's Trophy
1, AQUABAT (Fred Warren-Smith)
2, FEVER (Grant Gordon)
3, WHITE HEATHER (Janet, Lionel & David Miller)
4, WELLINGTON COLLEGE (Anthony Esse & Charlie Esse)
6, TEAM BALTIC (Team Baltic)
7, AEOLUS (Jono Brown - Selby Jennings Financial Recruitment Specialist)
8, JOSH (Shoreham Youth Team)
9, PANIC (Mark Lees (Team Echo))
10, OFFICER CADET (Southampton UOTC)



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