Percy takes on the AC45

Iain Percy tells us of his role on the Artemis Racing AC45
From the ashes of TeamOrigin, so a handful of former crewman from the defunct British America’s Cup challenger have managed to wangle their way into other teams, with one in particular, Iain Percy who earlier this year joined up with Torbjorn Tornqvist’s Artemis Racing, where he sails with skipper Terry Hutchinson. Like Oracle, Artemis Racing are working on crew rotation at the America’s Cup World Series regattas, so while Percy was racing as tactician on board in Plymouth last week, he wasn’t sailing with the team at the first AC World Series event in Cascais last month. “I have only sailed a few days in training over the last 3-4 months but it has been great, but I have enjoyed it, it’s hard work,” said Percy prior to the regatta starting. Aboard the under-staffed AC45s, the tactician role is in fact more a nominal one, as on all the boats all the crew are constantly working flat out. “I am very much reminded by our bowman that my main role is bow assist, and he’s right,” quips Percy. “There is no dedicated tactician on these boats, there is a lot of boat handling role. You pull a lot of strings – I do the runner upwind, which is a big grind, you furl the gennaker, you help with the deploy, you do as much as the other three. The helmsman is probably the only one who has a bit of an easy ride.” It seems that on the AC45s it is mainly the helmsman who does the tactics with input from tactician, whenever the opportunity arises. “It is more a tactics/strategy mix rather than straight tactics, because you are quite head down with the boat handling,” says Percy. “It is more a case of taking time every 20 seconds to check we are