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T18 blocks, CB genoa leads and Performa PT and ST winches

Wednesday November 9th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Harken modular CB genoa leads are now offered with high-performance ball bearing and roller bearing sheaves for radial loads, while side-load ball bearings handle thrust loads for easy trimming and fore/aft adjustment. They join the new line of CB Genoa Leads and CB Travelers with multipart purchases and a modular design, giving sailors the flexibility to choose or change the purchase they need for effective sail trim control.

"The beauty of the Harken design is that if you want to change the purchase of the control lines, the modular configuration lets you make the adjustment yourself," said lead designer, Matt Luedtke. "If you want the power of additional purchase, Harken offers kits to make that upgrade."

Genoa lead cars come preassembled in 1:1 to 4:1 purchase configurations. Harken offers control block kits for cars and end controls to increase purchase.

Harken Genoa Lead CB cars with high-performance ball and roller bearing sheaves handle sheet loads on boats up to 15 m (50 ft). Their wide sheave holds two sheets for fast sail changes; sheave carriers pivot 60 degrees to accommodate changing lead angles.

T18 blocks

With the new T18 block's 125 kg working load and and 7.2 g weight, this tiny block is Harken's lightest soft-attach and complements their T2 line. The block installs anywhere and articulates for perfect lead angles. A stainless grooved race and stainless balls increase working load, while the non-load-bearing components are made of lightweight and impact-resistant composites.

"We combined the best features of our tried-and-true 16 mm block, with the new T2 soft-attach block line and came up with the T18", says Product Manager Evan Thompson. "The T18 is ideal for skiff, dinghy, and beach cat racers who are always looking for ways to shave off pounds."

A select group of racers recently put the T18 through its paces at the windy 2011 F18 North American Championships, installing the blocks in downhauls, outhauls, and other high-load control systems - including the jib. In a regatta that saw 20 knot winds and 5ft seas, the T18 performed flawlessly, receiving the thumbs up from competitors.

The 18 mm block accommodates lines up to 5 mm (3/16") and includes 1 meter (3.28 ft) of 1.8 mm (1/16") Dyneema for lashing. The T18 bearings and inner race are made with 316 stainless steel while the fiber-reinforced nylon resin sideplates reduce weight.

Performa PT winches

Adopting the high-efficiency of Radial winches, new Performa PT (plain top), ST (self-tailing), and Quattro winches complement Harken's carbon racing line with a lower-cost alternative in smaller sizes. The Performa features a sandblasted drum optimised for halyard and sheeting applications using smaller high-tech racing lines.

"Performa winches offer a solution for teams when carbon fiber performance is beyond budget requirements or winches are needed in a smaller size." explains Engineering Manager Michele Cazzaro. "The Performa hybrid builds on the research that went into the Radial line but is optimised for the high-strength fibers you now see on sport boats and performance cruisers."

Aluminum drums feature an integral skirt. Strong, lightweight composite roller bearings have excellent corrosion resistance and don't require lubrication. Composite thrust ball bearings let the drum spin easily under light loads. The snap-fit design keeps bearings captive when the drum is removed for maintenance. Load-carrying gears, pins, and pawls are 17-4PH stainless steel. Minimal space between upper and lower self-tailing jaws on the ST and Quattro versions ensures superior holding power on small-diameter line.

The patented Quattro model is an innovative all-in-one winch used on boats that require extremely fast winches to handle large asymmetrical spinnakers, but also need power to trim the genoa upwind. The 2-speed Quattro features two drum diameters for four line speeds.

Performa winches are designed for easy maintenance and straightforward upgrades to power. The stripper arm completely covers the winch top to prevent fingers and clothing from catching in rotating parts. Performa winches are available in two speeds in sizes 40, 46, and 50, and in two or three speeds in size 60.

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