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Annual gathering of the clans to take place in Estoril over 13-14 December

Thursday November 17th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: Portugal

The World Yacht Racing Forum and the Yacht Racing Design and Technology Symposium, the yacht racing world's annual gathering of the clans, is once again to take place in Estoril, Portugal over 13-14 December. Those wishing to attend these events should register here

World Yacht Racing Forum topics

Day 1: 

Analysing the Global Sponsorship Landscape - An insight into the current global sponsorship marketplace - with Kevin Roberts, Editorial Director, SportBusiness Group

- What is yachting's position in the global sport industry?
- Where are sponsors spending their money and how does yachting compare to other sports?
- Developments in sports rights and implications for the yachting industry
- Where are the emerging markets for sponsorship and how can the yachting industry harness these opportunities?

The Value of Brand Sponsorships in Yachting: Does the Sport Really Deliver Return on Investment? Moderator: David Fuller, Editor, Yacht will be joined by three panellists from high profile brands to share their views on yachting sponsorship

- Understanding what sponsors are looking for in yachting
- A brand's perspective on how yachting compares with other sports
- How can rights holders and teams retain sponsors and build longevity?
- Measuring the value of creative and innovative sponsorships

Driving Business via New Technologies: The Effective Use of Digital Marketing with Aaaron Savage, Director, Interactive Mix

Internet and New Media: The Digital Highway to Growth with Wolf Allisat, Executive Vice President, Europe, Comscore; Tristan Wood, CEO, Livewire Digital; David Fuller; Dan Griffey, Digital and Creative Director, Slipstream

- Measuring the impact of digital media via the internet and the mobile arena
- How can we use digital marketing to effectively source and target the right audiences?
- What are the new technologies in television streaming via the internet and how effective are they?
- Is social media just about number of fans and followers or is there more to it?

Event Case Study: From Concept to Reality - A presentation from the Multi One Championship on creating a brand new event concept and offshore one-design class with Franck David, Executive Director, Multi One Design

The Perfect Host: Understanding what Host Cities look for in Sports Partnerships with Angus Buchanan, CEO, The Sports Consultancy and Neil Jenkinson, Director of Partnerships and Sponsorships, Clipper Ventures

- Are host cities becoming the new sponsors?
- How do cities go about investing in sports partnerships and how does yachting compare with other major sports events?
- Can sporting events deliver tangible returns on investment for host cities and how are they evaluated?
- Looking beyond events to build long term tourism strategies

Industry Networking Sessions: Delegates are invited to attend a choice of two moderated round table discussions on leading topics within the yacht racing industry:

Round Table 1: Regatta Management
- How to find sponsorship in a challenging market place?
- Discussing best management practice and initiatives from different events
- Managing sponsors to create long-term relationships
- Effective ways of working with Yacht Clubs

Round Table 2: Media & Communications
- How to maximise media coverage for events, teams and sailors
- Discussing new technologies in television for the yacht racing industry
- Exploring the effective use of digital and social media
- How to evaluate media coverage for sponsors and partners

Round Table 3: Managing a Sailing Team
- Maximising cost efficiencies in running a sailing team
- What are some of the legal and insurance implications of running teams?
- How can sailing teams best manage sponsors and sponsor requirements?
- Are there ways to reduce cost of logistics in running teams?

Day two

Opening Presentation - Knut Frostad, CEO Volvo Ocean Race

Driving Growth via Active Yacht Club Management

Key to the commercial growth of sailing is ensuring the sport also develops at a grass roots level to create tomorrow's champions. We ask our panel of international yacht club representatives to share their views on the important role that yacht clubs have in developing the sport. With John Stork, President, International Council of Yacht Clubs, Staffan Salén, Commodore, KSSS and Chris Otorowski, Past Commodore, Seattle Yacht Club

- What is the role of Yacht Clubs in growing sailing as a sport?
- What are some of the latest initiatives to expand club membership?
- How can clubs attract and deliver profitable external events?
- How can Yacht Clubs work better with professional event organisers?

The Impact of Hosting the Olympic Sailing Regatta - As London prepares for the 2012 Olympics, we hear from the host venue of the Olympic Sailing Regatta in Weymouth UK on their plans and preparations for next year's important event. With John Tweed, CEO, Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy

- What are some of the challenges Weymouth has faced in creating an Olympic Sailing venue?
- What initiatives have been created to promote interest in sailing around the Olympic event?
- What sort of long-term legacy has been put in place for
- Weymouth and sailing in the UK after the Olympics?

Initiating Change: The Strategic Restructuring of a Governing Body - A presentation from a leading sports business consultant on the changing strategies adopted by sports governing bodies, and how sailing can learn and adapt from these initiatives.

An Audience with ISAF - Interview session with Jerome Pels, General Secretary of ISAF to discuss the current status of the Governing Body of Sailing, a look ahead to the London 2012 Olympics, and the role ISAF plays in commercial yacht racing events.

- Should ISAF have more control over major events?
- What processes are in place to avoid date conflicts between events?
- What are the challenges and opportunities for the future of Olympic Sailing?

Women in Sport: Is there a Commercial Case for Women in Sailing? With Dee Caffari, David Graham, CEO, Oman Sail and Christina Ioannidis, CEO, Aquitude

- Are women represented fairly in sailing?
- Do women sailors and sailing teams offer a different
perspective for sponsors?
- Strategies to increase the participation of women in

Changing Times: What Can We Expect from Americas' Cup 34? With Richard Worth, Chairman, America's Cup Event Authority who will be joined by a panel of current America's Cup teams and representatives to discuss the impact of the new structure and shift to multihulls for America's Cup 34.

- What is the status of the America's Cup after 2011 and what are some of the key learnings and challenges from this year?
- What can fans expect for 2012 and how are the preparations for 2013?
- How successful have the AC45's been from a sailors perspective and what can we expect to see from the AC 72's?
- What are the biggest commercial challenges facing teams and how competitive can the challengers really be?
- Is there a long term strategy to maintain the role of ACRM and ACEA after 2013?

Meanwhile at the Yacht Racing Design and Technology Symposium the topics to be covered include:

Opening Address - Pat Shaughnessy, President Farr Yacht Design

TP52 Design Focus: A Comparison of Design and Build Concepts with Rob Weiland, TP52 Class Manager, Geoff Stock, Technical Director, Green Marine and Adolfo Carrau, Partner and Senior Designer, Botin Partners

-What are the critical aspects of a fast hull shape in the TP52 Class?
- What are the benefits in different Chine designs?
- How has CFD improved the accuracy of faster designs?
- How has the class met the demand for lower build costs?
- What are the prospects for the future of the TP52 Class?

Tomorrow's World: TPT - One Year On with Bill Pearson, Head of Materials Technology and Development, North Technology Group

A presentation on the development of TPT (Thin Ply Technology) over the last 12 months. Where has the technology been applied in other industries and can it become a viable manufacturing process for the yachting industry?

Rigging and Spars: Analysing the Effective use of NDT with a representative from Southern Spars, New Zealand, Stefano Beltrando, R&D Manager, QI Composites, Richard Freemantle, Marine Results

- What are the benefits of Non Destructive Testing on rigs and other marine composite components over other testing systems?
- Should there be an industry standard by which designers and rig manufacturers should comply to ensure the safety and integrity of rigs and components?
- What can the yacht racing industry learn from the use of NDT in other industries such as Aerospace and Motorsports?

The Quest for the Outright Sailing Speed Record - a Presentation from Paul Larsen, Pilot, Vestas Sail Rocket 2 about the challenge of breaking the world sailing speed record of over 55 knots.

America's Cup Design Focus - A Closer look at the AC34 Design Package - For the first time ever in the America's Cup, a shared design package is being offered to entered teams for the 34th America's Cup. We hear from the designers of the shared package and the opportunity the package offers to teams. With Andy Claughton, Principal Research Engineer, Wolfson Unit, Vincent Lauriot Provost, Founder, VPLP and Michel Marie, Technical Consultant, Americas Cup Race Management

- What are the main cost reduction principles for AC 34?
- Can the AC challengers produce a competitive edge from a shared design package?
- Should future America's Cup editions adopt the shared design package concept?

Rating Systems: How Current and New Rating Systems are Affecting the Way in Which Racing Yachts are Designed with James Dadd, Chief Measurer, RORC Rating Office, Mark Mills, Founder, Mills Design, Steve Benjamin, North Marine Group

- Are current rating systems giving designers enough flexibility?
- Are there too many rating systems?
- Is there scope for a unified measurement system?

Composite Technology: Discussing the Effective use of Current Composite Materials and their Applications in Modern Race Boat Designs. With Dr Paolo Manganelli, Structural Engineer, Gurit and Mark Somerville, Operations Manager, Persico S.p.A. - Nautical Division

As the demand for lighter and stronger race boat designs increases, the use of composite materials has become more important both from a strength and cost perspective. We ask a panel of marine composite experts the importance of the relationship between composite manufacturer, yacht builder and race crews on how the design and use of composite materials can be improved.

- What are the some of the latest advances and learnings in composite engineering for race boats?
- How is composite technology improving race boat safety? Can composite manufacturers gain more feedback more from race crews?
- Exploring the cost effective use of composite materials

Advancements in Sailmaking Technology with Chris Williams, Designer, North Sails and Jesper Bank, Commercial Director, Elvstrom Sails

- Examining the latest innovations in sail design and materials
- What models are being used to couple the design of sails and the materials used?
- How can sail design and production be made more cost efficient?
- Can sail technology used at a Grand Prix level be adopted for the mainstream market?

Reaching the Upper Limit: Is there a Maximum Speed for Modern Offshore Racing Multihulls?

Following a surge in new Offshore Multihull racing yachts entering the market and designed to cross oceans and break speed records, we ask a panel of leading multihull designers if there is a limit to the speed and performance of these yachts.

- Can Offshore Multihull designs be made fast and safe at the same time?
- What are some of the design constraints when building a Multihull for Offshore Racing?
- What are the safety considerations when designing Offshore Multihulls?

 All YRDTS delegates are then invited to join the final session of the World Yacht Racing Forum in the Main Auditorium


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