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Williams on a roll

Team GAC Pindar skipper tops round robins at the Congressional Cup

Friday March 30th 2012, Author: Rich Roberts, Location: United States

Ian Williams all but surprised himself. "I don't think we've ever won 12 [match races] in a row," he said Friday after leading the pack into Saturday's sailoffs of the Long Beach Yacht Club's 48th Congressional Cup.

The streak by Team GAC Pindar skipper Williams, the defending champion and world's No1-ranked match racer, equalled the score of 14 wins and 4 losses by week-long leader Gavin Brady, a four-time winner, and Williams won the tiebreaker by virtue of his win over Brady a day earlier.

Williams thus was privileged to pick Taylor Canfield of the US Virgin Islands (10-8) as his opponent in the best-of-three semifinals, leaving Brady to meet third-place Simone Ferrarese of Italy (11-7), who won all four of his races Friday.

The best-of-three finals will follow. Racing is scheduled to start at noon off the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier in east Long Beach. Admission is free; snacks, refreshments and comfort stations are available. Parking in the lot at the base of the pier is complimentary, as is transit out to the end of the pier.

All hands were hoping for better breeze than the 4 to 6 knots from the south they saw Friday. Canfield placed last in the double round robin a year earlier but said, "same crew, but the difference was time in the boat."

And a recovery from two early losses Friday to wins over Brady and Will Tiller of New Zealand also helped.

Ferrarese, in his native language, was en fuego (on fire) Friday with four wins, all against non-qualifiers, who will sail a fleet race over a harbour course Saturday.

"We felt really fast," Ferrarese said. "We played the best side of the course in every race. The goal was the semifinals. Now, we need to have a strong mentality."

Canfield had that in his turnaround win against Brady, whom he trailed at the last windward mark until slipping past for the lead and a 15-second win.

"We gybed and went over the top [windward side]," Canfield said . . . or, as Chris Larson, Brady's tactician, described it: "When we gybed he was able to roll us. But we're happy being in the semifinals."

Now it's time for the serious showdowns. Williams noted, "Having 14 wins is no good for us [Saturday]."

The total purse is $60,000, with $15,000 to the winner (not $10,000, as stated in a previous report).

Results and standings

Round 15
Gavin Brady, New Zealand-Annapolis, Md., d. William Tiller, New Zealand, 56 seconds.
Eric Monnin, Switzerland, d. Taylor Canfield, U.S. Virgin Islands, 0:51.
Simone Ferrarese, Italy, d. Laurie Jury, New Zealand, 0:03.
Ian Williams, UK, d. Staffan Lindberg, Finland, 0:05.
Johnie Berntsson, Sweden, d. Dustin Durant, USA. 0:57.

Round 16
Williams d. Jury, 0:27; Brady d. Berntsson, 0:25; Durant d. Canfield, 1:30; Ferrarese d. Tiller, 1:16; Lindberg d. Monnin, 0:43.

Round 17
Canfield d. Brady, 0:15; Ferrarese d. Durant, 1:16; Lindberg d. Tiller, 0:51; Jury d. Berntsson, 0:03; Williams d. Monnin, 0:31.

Round 18
Brady d. Durant, 0:20; Canfield d. Tiller, 0:15; Ferrarese d. Monnin, 0:22;

Final round-robin standings
1-2 Ian Williams and Gavin Brady, 14-4 (Williams wins tiebreaker)
3 Simone Ferrarese, 11-7
4 Taylor Canfield, 10-8;
5 Staffan Lindberg, 9-9
6 Eric Monnin, 8-10;
7-8 Johnie Berntsson and William Tiller, 7-11;
9 Dustin Durant, 4-14.

Semifinal pairings
Brady vs. Ferrarese; Williams vs. Canfield.

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