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MC Hammer visits Oracle Team USA

Leading US rap artist gives his seal of approval

Saturday June 16th 2012, Author: Tim Jeffery, Location: United States

One of the world’s most recognizable rap artists, MC Hammer, visited Oracle Team USA today.

MC Hammer rode as a Guest Racer with Russell Coutts, but ended up helming the boat. “I’ve never steered a boat,” said the music and entertainment icon. “But Russell said, ‘Here, hold this!’ and gave me the helm.” Hammer, born and raised in Oakland, became the first No. 1-selling rap artist to helm an AC45. He later proclaimed to his Twitter fans “Love it!”

Hammer arrived at the team base and received a personal tour from team skipper Jimmy Spithill. Spithill showed Hammer the team’s secret boatbuilding area where Oracle Team USA's first AC72 catamaran is taking shape.

Just as Hammer was about to sign the carbon-fibre, high-tech machine one of the boat builders joked, “U can’t touch this!” Hammer’s frenetic single from the album, “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ’Em,” which was No. 1 for 21 weeks in 1990.

Hammer was a hit at the Pier 80 base, stopping for photos with every team member and spreading smiles all around. He spent time talking boxing with Spithill (a shared passion) before heading afloat to meet Russell Coutts.

“Speeding across the water at 30 knots, watching the powerboats disappear behind, was cool. I’ve seen Formula 1 cars and Top Fuel drag cars, and the AC45 is 100 times more exciting,” said MC Hammer after “hot-dogging” in the Guest Racer position at the back of the AC45.

On the water he posed for pictures with crewmembers. “I’m hooked. I want to come back,” said MC Hammer. “I’m going to tell everyone in the Bay to get behind this America’s Cup and get behind our American team.”



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