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Record numbers for Melges 24 Worlds

Monster fleet to gather on Lake Garda later this month

Tuesday July 17th 2012, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy

Torbole, one of the venues most appreciated by Melges 24 specialists, is preparing for what promises to be perhaps the most important event in the history of the one design produced by Melges Performance Sailboats.

The World Championship, scheduled on the waters of tha Garda Lake over 28 July until 4 August, will bring to the starting line 128+ crews: an unprecedented number for the class, which gathered 126 entrants for the 2006 World Championship in Hyeres, where the winner was Bete Bossini, skippered by Nicola Celon.

Since then, the number of nations represented has increased from 15 in 2006 to 22 at this year's event, to underline the success enjoyed by the class internationally with crews from Eastern Europe and the debut of Russia and New Zealand, as newcomers in the class.

One glance at the entry list shows 24 teams, the largest fleet, coming from Germany, followed by the Italian one, which, though missing the three-time World Champion Uka Uka Racing (Santini-Bressani, winner in 2008, 2010 and 2011) still includes many of the favorites for final success. Good numbers also from the Swiss and Dutch fleets, which will deploy nine crews. For the Dutch it will be a good test as they look ahead to the European Championship, scheduled for next year in Medemblik, Holland.

The high number of subscribers requires that the Race Committee will initially divide the fleet into four groups - each marked by a different colour - which will race each other in a series of round robin races alternating across two different race courses. After six qualifying round robin races, the organisers will use the round robin results to split the competitors into Gold and Silver Fleets and the World Championship will continue with six more races scheduled to determine the final standings of the event.

Looking forward to welcoming competitors to the event, Gianfranco Tonelli, President of the Circolo Vela Torbole, host of the event, noted that the club has made a very special investment in both time and money to ensure they provide the very best possible competition and enviroment for the competition : "We organised a working group that meets three times a week. Hosting the World Melges 24 is a big commitment, but we want to respect the tradition of the Circolo Vela Torbole and of the Garda Lake. The boats will be all moored on the new extension of our floating dock, put in place by the Municipality. We want to be up to the reputation that Torbole has in the world: we are sure that we will have approaching 130 boats because this place is unique and everyone knows that winning here has a different flavour, is worth more."

Events like the 2012 Melges 24 World Championship are not possible without the most generous support of the event sponsors led by the Municipality of Comune di Nago Torbole and including the Regional Authority of Trentino; TrentoDoc, partner of Circolo Vela Torbole whose excellent selection of sparkling wines will be enjoyed by all; Trentingrana, whose cheese is made using milk exclusively from the Trentino area; InGarda, the touristic company supporting visitors to Lark Garda; and technical sailing clothing supplier Marinepool.

Organised by Circolo Vela Torbole in collaboration with the International Melges 24 Class Association, the 2012 Melges 24 World Championship will count a maximum of twelve races, with up to three daily races. Five races are required to made the event valid, although the famous weather conditions, typical of the northern Garda, should make this rule unnecessary.

Provisional entry list:

Column1 Sail no Boat Helm
1 AUS-764 Magica Stephen Girdis
2 AUT-251 Kookaburra Josef Hackl
3 AUT-406 Franz Rocks Christoph Skolaut
4 AUT-474 Mad Norbert Voith
5 AUT-531 Edelweiss Michael Schineis
6 AUT-681 Schoenherr Franz Urlesberger
7 BEL-569 Rebel Rebel Louis Balcaen
8 CZE-704 ICZ - Margarita Tomas Musil
9 CZE-828 Aloha Petr Fiala
10 DEN-358 The Pimp Thomas Sørensen
11 DEN-409 Fregatten Fyn Kim Haugaard
12 DEN-454 Miss Neil Pryde Sails Peter Havn
13 DEN-574 Sailing Academy - Young Performance Mia Ipsen
14 DEN-585 WWW.BONES.DK Kent Dalsbo
15 DEN-612 Melges.dk Kris Houmann
16 DEN-664 BNI Sailing Team René Bruun
17 DEN-701 - Bo Boje Pedersen
18 DEN-779 Salty Dog Peter Warrer
19 DEN-782 SOFFE Kim Christensen
20 EST-573 4ENERGIA Jaak Jogi
21 EST-646 DEJA VU Rene Treifeldt
22 EST-761 ROCK CITY Tiit Vihul
23 EST-790 LENNY Tõnu (Tonu) Tõniste (TONISTE)
24 EST-791 Zuxu Peter Saraskin
25 EST-826 Freddy Ants Haavel
26 FIN-425 Marquis de Conquistador Matias Seppovaara
27 FIN-529 Kukko Sami Ekblad
28 FIN-651 Lumi Kristian Raij
29 FIN-742 BESTDIRECT.TV Tomi Hakola
30 FRA-370 SNUGASABUG Régis Bouyer
32 FRA-471 MU Gabriel SKOCZEK
33 FRA-639 euro-voiles Christophe Barque
34 GBR-190 Cheeky Girl michael farmer
35 GBR-368 The Dog's ........! Frederick Brown
36 GBR-384 Filska Roger Tait
37 GBR-432 Crazeology James Middleton-Stewart
38 GBR-557 Imagine David Rowen
39 GBR-648 - nicholas geaves
40 GBR-694 GILL Race Team Geoff Carveth
41 GER-191 Sputnik Conrad Brinkmann
42 GER-263 No Limits Carsten Ortlieb
43 GER-298 GER 298 Niels Gauter
44 GER-322 Silversurfer Max Rieger
45 GER-327 Ballyhoo Reloaded Martin Thiermann
46 GER-439 STRESEMANN Dario Shonubi
47 GER-465 Michaela Michael Marcour
48 GER-470 Nibbiale Walter Schmid
49 GER-499 Equinox Frank Moewert
50 GER-502 Wikinger Ullrich Paech
51 GER-503 Diabolo Michael Kramer
52 GER-504 UNSPONSORED Christof Wieland
53 GER-543 water-shop.com Markus Reger
54 GER-582 No Woman No Cry Kicker Schäfer
55 GER-586 deepblue Frithjof Ohin
56 GER-608 ELENAuno Philipp Buhl
57 GER-653 smile and wave Holger Suesse
58 GER-672 PEARL Peter Goeckel
59 GER-677 white room Maximilian Weiss
60 GER-683 Spirit of GEMÜ / GEMÜ Sailing Team Christopher Gelsdorf
61 GER-690 Panthera Sven Christian Koch
62 GER-713 Bat Boat Bernd krueger
63 GER-727 Hurricane Jürgen Fuchs
64 GER-731 AEZ Markus Wieser
65 HUN-589 Hód Attila Bujaky
66 ITA-383 Q andrea casale
67 ITA-460 Bradipo Lorenzo Tasciotti Ceccano
68 ITA-521 SIV ARBOREA Lorenzo Gemini
69 ITA-584 EUROSIA XM michele vaccari
70 ITA-628 PENSAVO PEGGIO alessio marinelli
71 ITA-633 Wadadli federico macera
72 ITA-636 Marrakech Express augusto poropat
73 ITA-638 JECO TEAM null null
74 ITA-688 Enjoy 3 ivan venturi
75 ITA-689 STRAMBAPAPA' Ruggero Conte
76 ITA-693 GIOGI Matteo Balestrero
77 ITA-716 Saetta Alberto Bolzan
79 ITA-730 Etabeta francesco barbi
80 ITA-735 ALTEA andrea racchelli
81 ITA-766 24ever Arterìa Mario Ziliani
82 ITA-778 Taki 4 Giacomo Fossati
83 ITA-793 La BeSa on Kimberly Marco Schirato
84 ITA-798 Little Wing Enrico Zennaro
85 ITA-803 Gullisara carlo fracassoli
88 JPN-797 ThreeBond Tetsuya Matsunaga
89 JPN-809 KANTA-RO Racing Kan Yamada
90 NED.-789 Gelikt Carlo Vroon
91 NED-329 NED 329 Mathijs Leenheer
92 NED-645 mr henri john den engelsman
93 NED-711 Mini Mostro Henrik Hellman
94 NED-715 Alice in Waterland Wietze Zetzema
95 NED-765 Peak Ben Koppelaar
96 NED-796 RapidSugar Frank Lieve
97 NED-801 DRV David van de Plasse
98 NED-827 Team Kesbeke/Sika Ronald Veraar
99 NOR-306 Big D Rolf Gangdal
100 NOR-400 Baghdad 2/Sebago Kristoffer Spone
101 NOR-418 Parody Henrik Larsen
102 NOR-632 American Lady Kristian Notto Simensen
103 NOR-649 Party Girl Jens Wathne
104 NOR-751 STORM Capital Sail Racing Øyvind Jahre
105 NOR-787 Blow - Henri Lloyd Peder Nergaard
106 NZL-883 AKI Ferguson John
107 RUS-1 Versiya Anatoly Karachinskiy
108 RUS-2 TBA Alexander Ezhkov
110 SLO-6 Mazi Jure Jerkovic
111 SUI-382 Team Holcim Michael Good
112 SUI-530 MAD COW thierry verhulst
113 SUI-567 5H Ivano Ghirlanda
114 SUI-599 PoiZon rouge Jean-Marc MONNARD
115 SUI-654 EFG Bank Christopher Rast
116 SUI-682 Cicuta Sacha De Micheli
117 SUI-684 Wild-Thing Harry Geisser
118 SUI-705 Sonnenkönig Hendrik Witzmann
119 SUI-821 Andele Jörg Hotz
120 SUI-825 blu moon flavio favini
121 SWE-508 Sitting Duck Carl Akerson
122 SWE-532 Rocad Racing Ingemar Sundstedt
123 UKR-302 Angel Yuriy Udovytskyy
124 UKR-485 ARCTUR Andriy Yano
125 UKR-551 Marusia Oleg Dyvinets
126 UKR-661 Barmaley Vasyl Gureyev
127 USA-077 BONES Robert Harf
128 USA-820 West Marine Rigging New England Ropes bora gulari
129 USA-855 Viva Don Jesberg

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