Lawrie Smith takes an early lead

Brewin Dolphin Dragon Gold Cup gets underway in Kinsale

Sunday September 9th 2012, Author: Fiona Brown, Location: Ireland

The Brewin Dolphin Dragon Gold Cup 2012 got underway in spectacular style as the 60 competitors from 16 nations and four continents completed their first race in strong winds and big seas off Kinsale.

The Dragon Gold Cup is legendary for being one of the toughest championships in keelboat racing as it is raced over huge 12+ mile windward leeward courses and there is no discard in the six race series. Today's rough seas and winds of up to 25 knots from the south certainly ensured it was also a test of stamina as well as skill and there were incidents aplenty with a number of spectacular broaches and some exciting mark roundings as the sailors contended with the confused seas and blustery conditions.

The fleet got away cleanly at the first time of asking by PRO Alan Crosbie, and the first beat saw the boats spread out very evenly across the course. At the first weather mark those who had opted to go right had the advantage and it was reigning Dragon World Champion Lawrie Smith, sailing Alfie, who led the fleet from double Olympic Gold Medallist Poul Richard Hoj-Jensen, sailing Danish Blue; Russia's Dimitry Samokhin sailing Strange Little Girl; 2010 Gold Cup winner Anatoly Loginov sailing Annapurna; and Ireland's Cameron Good on Little Fella.

While Smith and Hoj-Jensen then held their positions around the course the battle behind them for third place was fierce. By the start of the final beat Germany's Tommy Mueller on Sinewave, had pulled up into third just ahead of Samokhin, Good was fifth and Loginov sixth with Ukrainian Lars Hendriksen on Bunker Boys, moving up into seventh.

Hoj-Jensen pushed Smith hard on the final beat, but both boats also had to defend their positions on the chasing pack. At the line Smith won from Hoj-Jensen while Samokhin pulled back up into third with Mueller fourth. Hendriksen, who has claimed the Gold Cup on two previous occasions, sailed a wonderful final leg to cross the line in fifth. Dane Joergen Schoenherr and his African Queen, also showed blistering pace to go from 11th to sixth on the last beat, just pipping Good on the line.

Cameron Good, Commodore of the Kinsale Yacht Club, also claimed victory in the Corinthian Division, for the all-amateur crews. Dublin's Gary Treacy, sailing Dublin Bay, took second place in the Corinthians with Reemt Reemtsma and Caroroo were third and IDA Chairman Richard Blickman on Cobweb, was fourth.

One of the most impressive stories of the day came from the Australian team aboard Puff III. They were running very deep in sixth place on the second run when a rogue wave caught the transom and span them into a Chinese gybe. Helmsman Richard Lynn found himself being swept out of the boat as his crew, Ian Olson and Aussie sailing legend Roger Hickman, battled to get their spinnaker, which was now doing a very good job of trawling for supper, back under control. Fortunately Richard just managed to grab the spinnaker sheet on his way out of the boat and by the time the boys had the kite under control he was back on board. They had lost a number of places but they dug in on the final lap and managed to pull back up into ninth place, keeping themselves firmly in contention.

Five more races are scheduled and the regatta continues until Friday 14 September. Lighter airs are forecast for the next couple of days but strong airs are expected to return later in the week.

Top 50 results

Pos Sail No Boat Helm Crew Crew 2 R1 Tot
1 GBR763 Alfie Lawrie Smith Tim Tavinor Joost Houweling 1 1
2 GBR775 Danish Blue Poul Richard Hoj-Jensen Theis Palm Andrew Norden 2 2
3 RUS76 Strange Little Girl Dmitry Samokhin Andrey Kirilyuk Aleksey Bushuev 3 3
4 GER1123 Sinewave Tommy Mueller Vincent Hoesch Michael Lipp, Thomas Mueller 4 4
5 UKR7 Bunker Boys Lars Hendriksen Sergey Pugachev Georgil Leonchuk 5 5
6 DEN406 African Queen Jorgen Schonherr Jan Eli Gravad Axel Waltersdorp 6 6
7 IRL211 Little Fella Cameron Good Simon Furney Henry Kingston 7 7
8 RUS27 Annapurna Anatoly Loginov Vadim Statsenko Alexander Shalagin 8 8
9 AUS222 Puff III Richard Lynn Ian Olson Roger Hickman 9 9
10 GBR768 Dark & Stormy Christopher Hunt Mark Hart Mark Daly 10 10
11 IRL201 Jaguar Martin Byrne Adam Winkelmanr Pedro Andrade 11 11
12 GER1042 Puck III Philip Dohse Christian Moeller Oliver Mose 12 12
13 GBR758 Fever Klaus Diederichs Andy Beadsworth Jamie Lea 13 13
14 HUN57 Bear Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi Tamas Kiss Karoly Vezer 14 14
15 GER1125 Dragoni Holly Stephan Link Frank Butzmann Peter Froschi 15 15
16 IRL198 Dublin Bay Gary Treacy Paul Maguire Don O'Dowd 16 16
17 UKR8 Bunker Prince Evgen Braslavetz Sergey Timokhov Igor Sidorov 17 17
18 POR55 Drago Jose Matoso Gustavo Lima Stephen Hellriegel 18 18
19 GER1121 Caroroo Reemt Reemtsma Petra Reemtsma Lorenz Jensen 19 19
20 NED393 Cobweb Richard Blickman Daan Djixhoorn Nick Spaans 20 20
21 IRL213 Whisper Mark Dicker Nelson Moore Sean Murphy 21 21
22 DEN266 My Way Frank Berg Konrad Florian Jens Maklund 22 22
23 RUS2 Alisa Alexander Ezhkov Alexey Grigoriev Vladimir Krutskikh 23 23
24 IRL216 Chimaera Andrew Craig Brian Mathews Mark Pettitt 24 24
25 IRL210 Diva James Matthews Rick Johnson Rob Johnson 25 25
26 MON2 Jeanie Jens Rathsack Mario Wagner Stefan Waack 26 26
27 GBR708 Rumours Simon Strauss David Horgan John Wolfe, Harvey Tucker 27 27
28 FRA396 Legend Remy Arnaud Herald Arnaud Pascal Civel 28 28
29 IRL214 Kin Simon Brien Jack Brien Mark Brien 29 29
30 GBR720 Aimee Graham Bailey Julia Bailey Dylan Potter, Will Heritage 30 30
31 IRL156 Mar-J Adrian Bendon Shawn Kingston Eoghan O'Mahoney 31 31
32 IRL161 Sir Ossis of the River Denis Bergin Con Murphy Paul Burke 32 32
33 IRL206 Cloud Clare Hogan Mel Collins Laura Dillon, Graeme Grant 33 33
34 GBR761 Jerboa Gavia Wilkinson-Cox Martin Payne Rui Boia 34 34
35 ANT10 Northside Dragon Jay Bourke David Cagney Tommy Murphy 35 35
36 GBR760 Hands Off Michael Holmes Andy Biddle Peter Marchant 36 36
37 FIN88 Step By Step Eeva Saukkonen Catja Everhall-Blom Outi Kivimaki 37 37
38 IRL159 Zu Tim Pearson Matt Mich Conor Grimley, Choryna Kiely 38 38
39 IRL188 Grey Hare Philip Bendon James Bendon Ben Fusco 39 39
40 GBR742 Flotation Richard Davies Clive Hurn Donald Milne 40 40
41 IRL195 D-Cision Philip Perkins Richard Kidney Declan Hayes 41 41
42 GER1110 Streumer Norbert Ohst Stefan Abel Mark-Raimondo Bayer 42 42
43 GBR590 Mystere James Peters Dave Cummings Rob Riddell 43 43
44 GBR774 Tigger Thomas Olrog Thomas Wilton Nicola Wilton 44 44
45 GER1113 GP Tanja Jacobsohn Bernhard Jacobsohn Jan Scharffetter 45 45
46 HKG46 Davinloong Phyllis Chang Lars Gelbjerg-Hansen Selin Dicker,Charles Street 46 46
47 GBR766 Quicksilver V Robert Campbell Justin Waples Rene Nel 47 47
48 AUS206 The Old Bailey Sarah Ross Dave Ross Insinger Mickiel 48 48
49 SWE345 Ming Jacob Wallenberg Henrik Baltscheffsky Stellan Gross 49 49
50 IRL197 HY Brasil Peter O'Reilly Francis Rhatigan Eddie Tingle 50 50




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