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Racing off Monaco at the Primo Cup–Trophée Credit Suisse

Sunday February 3rd 2013, Author: Isabelle Andrieux, Location: Monaco

With six one-design classes, for amateur and top professionals alike, the Primo Cup–Trophée Credit Suisse 2013 has yet again given 84 international crews an opportunity to start their racing season early in windy not-so-wintery conditions.

Longtze Premier (15 registered, 3 nationalities)
Nicolas Berenger (Beijaflore), winner in a previous Primo Cup in the same series in 2010 and 2011, took a clear lead in the final ranking, with five victories in each round, ahead of the Swiss Jarmo Wieland (Shensu) and Frenchman Laurent Abignoli (Tendrisse).

The Figaro sailor was teamed up with tactician Xavier Rohart, four-time World Champion and bronze medallist at the Athens Olympic Games, who said: “Here’s another title to add to the list! I was thrilled with the Monaco scene and really enjoyed myself. It is great to discover and race on this boat with its asymmetric spinnaker, which delivers a fabulous tactical and strategic game.”

It’s a result that augurs well for Beijaflore who is preparing for the Longtze World Championship next September on Lake Garda.

Congratulations also for some good results by the young crew of Arts et Métiers, winners of the contest organised by the Groupe Atlantic, who were taking part in their first race on Longtzes. For a first try, this was a master stroke!

Surprise (20 registered, 4 nationalities)

Once again the Swiss teams battled it out between them on Mirabaud and CER, the aim being to train young newcomers to racing. In the end, the Société Nautique de Genève’s CER 2 took the lead ahead of the experienced Olympic with Mirabaud 3 in third.

During the Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse, the ASPRO International Surprise AGM was held, bringing together nations such as Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany. It’s an ideal occasion to agree on the 2013-2014 calander for the Class and to approve the new rating for the sails (more information:

Star (11 registered, 5 nationalities)

This series was dominated by the Swede Tom Löfstedt and his team mate Benjamin Pettersson, totalling five victories ahead of the Primo Cup’s usual suspect, Swiss Christophe Gautschi (Fram), who could only note the supremacy of the new Swedish challenger.

J/24 (20 registered, 5 nationalities)

Evniki’s Greek crew, ranked 5th at the 2012 European Championship, were here to discover the Monaco waters in anticipation of the 2013 J/24 European Championship, being held in Monaco from 5 to 12 October. They were not here just for show but won two races.

Ian Ilsley and François Brennac on St Andrews won overall and were awarded the 2013 J/24 Class Challenge Trophy, presented by J Boats (Italy) which from now on will award the winner of this series at the Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse every year.

“With are very pleased with this victory, a very important year for us, as we are not only preparing the European Championship in Monaco but also the World Championship in Ireland, to be held next August in Howth”, commented Ian Ilsley. A dynamic member of the Yacht Club de Monaco, he is also behind the Monaco Team Race, a new J/24 event due to take place in Monaco over 8-10 March which has attracted nine teams from key European Yacht Clubs.

“Another great Primo Cup with great weather conditions and it is very good to see that the 16 Monaco boats are competing to a much higher level,” said Stuart Jardine, a seasoned series’ racer with many top level titles to his name, who finished fourth sandwiched between two Monaco-based teams, Topo Too (3rd) and Joker (5th).

Platu 25 (10 registered, 4 nationalities)

Frenchman Emmanuel Dyen (Black Flag) managed to contain the Swiss and German armada, who were there in force, to win this series.

Dragon (8 registered, 6 nationalities)

Overall winner in Cascais last weekend, Russian sailor Anatoly Loginov (Annapurna) came to claim his 2010 title back, proving his attachment to the bay of Monaco.

But despite Anatoly’s three race victories, the Italian Cloud crewed by Giuseppe Duca and Sébastien Ponce were more consistent and it paid off putting them in the lead. “We have been challenging Anatoly for the last two races, what a great return match, and the season is just starting!” admitted Jean-Sébastien Ponce.

A special mention must go to the third place of Kito de Pavant (Tamm Ha Tamm), who took the helm of a Dragon after his IMOCA yacht in the recent Vendée Globe.

An opportunity to mention the presence of Denis Horeau, Vendée Globe Race Director, who came to give us an insight into this race. It was a chance for all sailors and YCM members to pay tribute to Kito and Jean-Pierre Dick, who was contacted by phone for a live conversation from the race.

Thierry Leret’s team will take a break for a few days before the four other classes come for the second weekend of the Primo Cup–Trophée Credit Suisse to the Yacht Club de Monaco for another great weekend of racing, scheduled to start on Friday, 8 February when it’s the turn of the J/70s, Smeralda 888s, SB20s and IRCs.


As an event that has kept to its original format, with staggered race starts on the same course for all the series, the Primo cup – Trophée Credit Suisse also has some original prizes. On Sunday 10th February 2013, for the second weekend, there will be a lucky draw to find out who will win the gold ingot presented by Credit Suisse. In addition, the first three in each series will walk away with SLAM Advanced Technology Sportswear clothing.


Stars after 6 races (with 1 discard) (11 registered)
1 – Tom Lofstedt, Tom Lofstedt, Suède, 5pts
2 – Christophe Gautschi, Fram, Suisse, 11pts
3 – Lorenz Zimmermann, Squalo Bianco VII, Suisse, 17pts

Dragons after 6 races (with 1 discard) (8 registered)
1 – Giuseppe Duca, Cloud, Italy, 8 pts
2 – Anatoly Loginov, Annapurna, Russia, 9pts
3- Emmanuel Nebout, Tamm Ha Tamm, France, 11pts

J/24s after 6 races (with 1 discard) (20 registered)
1 – Ian Ilsley, St Andrews, Monaco, 8 pts
2 – Dimitrios Altsiadis, Evniki, Greece, 11pts
3 – Blandine Médecin, Topo Too, Monaco, 16pts

Longtzes after 6 races (with 1 discard) (15 registered)
1 – Nicolas Berenger, Beijaflore, France, 5pts
2 – Jarmo Wieland, Shensu, Suisse, 17pts
3 – Laurent Abignoli, Tendrisse YCPR, France, 20 pts

Platu25s after 6 races (with 1 discard) (10 registered)
1 – Emmanuel Dyen, Black Flag, France, 6 pts
2 – Stephan Molle, Grun, Allemagne, 12pts
3 – Michael Haacke, Amica, Allemagne, 16pts

Surprises after 6 races (with 1 discard) (20 registered)
1 – Alexa Bezel, CER2 Geneve Aeroport, Suisse, 10 pts
2 – Gastone Farolfi, Olympic, Suisse, 11pts
3 – Malté Kamrath, Mirabaud 3, Suisse, 13pts



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