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Havas Sponsorship Insights reveal their evalution figures for 2012

Wednesday March 20th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Leading independent evaluation agency, Havas Sponsorship Insights, has confirmed the final media value of the 2012 Extreme Sailing Serie at €27.8million over the seven events in 2012 versus €25.7 million in 2011 over nine events.

A growing international interest and an ever-stronger TV news and programming footprint including live broadcasts from five venues in 2012, is strongly reflected in the increase in media exposure across all platforms in what was the second year of global touring for the original stadium sailing Series that visits iconic venues in traditional host venue territories as well as new markets around the world.

The Extreme Sailing Series has seen a significant increase in global media value year on year, and Havas Sponsorship Insights, which has evaluated the media value for the Extreme Sailing Series since 2009, when the media exposure was valued at just €5.9million, use the same consistent methodology that demonstrates the strong media growth. Despite having seven events on the calendar compared to nine in 2011 and 20% less race days per event (five days per event in 2011 versus four in 2012), the Series has importantly shown a marked increase in media coverage as it enters its seventh year on the international sailing calendar.

Mark Turner, Executive Chairman of Series organisers OC Sport, commented: “While it is important to note the significant global scale the event is now attaining, for us it is the relative year on year performance that remains the most important measure and it is good to see the upward trend continuing, particularly when we had two less events than the previous year. Havas apply exactly the same quite harsh methodology year on year so we can measure this progression accurately. Importantly, we can continue to confidently market the Extreme Sailing Series to existing and new stakeholders in the knowledge the circuit can deliver significant, and continually growing, media return to our sponsors, teams, event partners and Host Venues. The media coverage is fundamental to underpinning the key values of the circuit, which include the premium B2B ‘money can’t buy’ VIP experience, the appeal of the stadium format as a public event and a sport that remains relatively uncluttered.

“In 2013, we have set ourselves a tough target to increase the media coverage again by a further 25% to continue adding value across the board. Admittedly, there are very obvious sporting properties for sponsors who are seeking pure brand visibility but the Extreme Sailing Series is now an excellent property for premium brands to reposition themselves via an annual and global sporting series going to traditional and emerging sailing markets in a sport that retains an aspirational and clean image.”

The seven-part TV series (valuated at €2.8 million) continues to deliver strong value, with a growing international interest and ever-stronger programme footprint represented by the 43 channels reaching five continents, (versus 18 in 2011), who broadcasted the TV Series in 2012 including Eurosport, Channel 4 (UK), Sport+ (France), TRT (Turkey), Fox Sports (international) and Band Sports (Brazil).

Print media coverage saw more than a 10% increase in media value (to a total of €10million) attributed to the quality of coverage and conscience effort by the Series organisers to focus on more mainstream print media globally, while online media values increased to over €1.8million. Aside from the evaluated media coverage, the Extreme Sailing Series also saw a significant increase in their online fan base in 2012, with a 232% increase in Facebook fans and a 84% increase in Twitter followers – but at actual levels which organisers OC Sport consider still well below the potential for the event, an area of focus for 2013.

Due to cost, the monitoring process is restricted to limited periods and only in countries where the events are staged: TV is only monitored for the week of the event (excluding the seven-part TV series) and print media for one month over the course of the event; only online media is monitored year-round. A great deal of this coverage falls outside of these periods and, as such, Havas Sponsorship Insights apply a conservative 10% unmonitored coverage uplift to account for the inevitable coverage that is missed.

2012 Media Value Stats:*
Total overall value €27,815,024
Press value €10,001,146
TV value €13,460,648
Online value including Online Video value €1,824,591
Duration of evaluated TV exposure 450h 49m 48s

2011 Media Value Stats:*
Total overall value €25,870,240
Press value €9,043,159
TV value €12,973,479
Online value €1,465,632
Duration of evaluated TV exposure 303h 38m 19s

2010 Media Value Stats:*
Total overall value €9,574,055
Press value €3,732,303
TV value €4,465,566
Online value €494,464
Duration of evaluated TV exposure 491h 49m 08s

2009 Media Value Stats:*
Total overall value €5,910,989
Press value €3,019,281
TV value €2,139,845
Online value €205,383
Duration of evaluated TV exposure 535h 30m

* Provided by Havas Sponsorship Insights


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