22 on the waiting list

Adria Ferries ORC International World Championship a sell-out

Tuesday May 14th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy

100 confirmed enteres, with an additional 22 on the waiting list, are lining up to compete in the 2013 Adria Ferries ORC International World Championship to be held in Ancona, Italy over 21-29 June.

In accordance with Section 6 of the Notice of Race and subsequent amendments and announcements, the waiting list is composed of boats that submitted their entries after the 30 April deadline, as well as those that have not yet completed their registration formalities, and others whose resumes are being examined by the Technical Committee.

There are entries already from 15 countries on three continents, yet the Organising Committee wishes to entice even more foreign entries and crews to further improve the large international presence at this event. Some incentive plans for this are currently under discussion, but overall the organising authority is pleased with the strong turnout.

"I'm glad to see the participation at both a numerical and qualitative level beyond all expectations," said Fabrizio Gagliardi, head of the Offshore Committee of the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV). "All the boats are excellent and I am glad to see that in addition to new boats and more aggressive boats there is a large group that have been racing for many years. It is obvious that the system works and that all boats are really competitive at the same level."

Francesco Siculiana, President of the Italian Offshore Sailing Union (UVAI) is also impressed: "I think we have reached the maximum: 100 boats and over 20 waiting, 3 continents represented, perfect logistics...a month before the event these are the problems to solve while the quality of the teams is really high. At UVAI we are pleased to have the current World Champions who will attempt to defend their titles, and with an excellent Race Committee and Jury this will certainly help manage such a well-prepared fleet."

It is significant that still in these times of crisis there is an excellent turnout with participants from three continents," said Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. "This is certainly the result of the excellent preparatory work done by the organizers who have taken action to attract more international participation. This success emphasizes the technical and sporting validity of the whole event."

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