Fourth unopposed point for Luna Rossa

However Italian team suffers a rudder breakage

Thursday July 25th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: United States

Under partly cloudy skies, in 13-14 knots of wind from the southwest, flat sea, in a flood tide of 2 knots, Italy's Luna Rossa today sailed the Louis Vuitton Cup race track alone for the fourth time, to gain a point against an absent Artemis Racing, the Swedish team's AC72 still not ready to race.

The umpires terminated the race ten minutes after the start, black-flagging Artemis Racing and awarding the point to Luna Rossa Challenge under rules 60.5 and 44.1c of 34th America’s Cup Racing Rules.

Luna Rossa continued to sail on the race course, but soon after rounding the windward gate, on the second run, suddenly stopped foiling and returned on the water, considerably reducing the boat speed.

“Straight after our last tack, from starboard onto port, it felt like we hit something, but it’s two meters underwater and hard to tell,” explained skipper Max Sirena. “Then, when we gbbed from port to starboard and the bottom of the port rudder broke off. It’s going to take a week to fix so in the meantime we’ll use the old rudder.

“It was a real shame, because we were sailing quite well and had found a good trim. We made a few changes in the past few days to the boat and it felt like we were going better upwind. It would have been interesting to collect more data. In these unfortunate circumstances it is comforting for us to know that it was an accident and not a structural failure of our equipment.”

On Sunday, 28 July, Luna Rossa will face Emirates Team New Zealand for the last time in the round robin of the 34th America’s Cup. The race is scheduled to start at 12.15 local time.

Luna Rossa’s crew today was: Max Sirena (skipper and pitman), Francesco Bruni (tactician), David Carr (pitman/grinder), Pierluigi de Felice (trimmer), Simone de Mari (primary grinder), Chris Draper (helmsman), Xabi Fernandez (wing trimmer), Nick Hutton (bowman), Lele Marino (wing grinder), Marco Montis (freestyler) and Wade Morgan (hydraulic grinder).

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