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Radical two race day

Batting opens at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week

Saturday August 3rd 2013, Author: Rupert Holmes, Location: United Kingdom

A gusty and reassuringly warm south-westerly airflow averaging 16-22 knots, provided a perfect day of racing on the opening day of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week, with the wind against tide conditions giving lively downwind sailing on predominately windward-leeward courses.

The first starts, heading east against a building ebb tide, were for the J/70 and SB20 classes, both of which completed two races today, marking a significant break with the event’s long-standing traditions.

In the J/70 class, Jack Davies’ Jugador was enthusiastic in approaching the line, crossing it 50 seconds before the start, but returning to the correct side with time in hand. At the gun Ruairidh Scott’s North Sails led the fleet at the outer end of line, half a length ahead of the pack. The bulk of the fleet gybed offshore as soon as possible, although a couple of boats – Simon Ling’s RAFBF Spitfire and Ian Atkin’s Boats.com among them – stayed inshore for longer. Before long the fleet was therefore split laterally across the course as they sped downwind.

Once they reached the long layline leading into the first mark, an inflatable buoy near Hill Head, Scott was ahead by a good margin. However, Django, sailed by Malcolm Jaques, Tristan Jaques, Naomi Rowbotham and Nix Brook, crossed the line 10 seconds ahead of Scott, in a nail-biting finish that saw Atkins take third place just 13 seconds later. Scott took the second race by a margin of over two minutes to lead overall, two points ahead of the Jaques family at the end of the first day, with Ling a further two points behind in third overall.

The next start, for the SB20 class, saw an impossibly large bunch of boats approaching the outer limit buoy from offshore on starboard tack. With many running out of space, several crossed the line prematurely, although all but one was able to quickly re-round the pin and start correctly.

For the rest of the fleet it was an incredibly close start from which it was impossible to pick a clear early leader. At one stage Tich Summers’ Chill Pill Plus and Phil Plumtree’s PP Projects, who both managed to get into clean air to leeward of the main pack, appeared to be well placed. However, by the time they crossed gybes it was Tim Saxton’s Slam, Jerry Hill’s Sportsboatworld.com and Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas’s Volvo that took an early lead.

By the finish of the 75-minute race Joe Llewellyn’s Henri Lloyd/Forell held a 52 second advantage over Hill, with Saxton in third place more than a minute later. In the second race Hill was first to finish, almost two minutes ahead of Llewellyn, with Saxton taking another third place.

The Etchells fleet opted for a different strategy to the SB20s at the start of their closely-fought race. The bulk of the fleet stayed well to the west of the line, with all but one boat holding well back until less than 20 seconds before the gun. Rob Elliott’s Esprit was first to hoist the spinnaker, but crossed four seconds early – an expensive mistake, especially as she did not return following the recall. Andrew and Donna Cooper’s Ice looked well placed a few minutes after the start, followed by Elvis, skippered by Tim Daughton, with both boats on a tight spinnaker reach towards West Ryde Middle buoy.

By the finish it was Mark Downer’s Moonlight, which stayed further offshore after the start, trading a tidal disadvantage for a steadier wind, who came out on top, finishing 23 seconds ahead of Esprit. With the latter scored OCS, Rob Goddard’s Stampede took second place, crossing the line 45 seconds after Moonlight, and Shaun Frolich’s Exabyte V third. It was a close race, with the first half of the fleet finishing in little more than three minutes.

On a morning that saw many boats over the line at the start, but few responding to the recall signal, the J/80 class was more cautious than most. The first boat, Johanna Asplund, Meg Backhouse, Jamie Diamond and Kieren Hill’s Rascal, didn’t cross the line until 10 seconds after the start gun, and the second, Colin Simonds and family’s Doolalli, was a further 15 seconds back. Almost two and a half hours later it was Chris Taylor’s J.A.T. that finished first, followed by Doolalli and then Rascal.

Black Group

Not long after 1400 there was a rapid string of Black Group yachts finishing close to shore and under spinnaker on the RYS line. One of the highest-rated boats in IRC Class 4, Adam Gosling’s newly refurbished 18-year-old Corby 36 Yes!, took line honours in that class. However, the lowest-rated boat in the fleet, last year’s overall class winner, David Franks’ Strait Dealer, finished less than 10 minutes later to win by a margin of just 18 seconds on corrected time.

“The stronger winds were ideal for us today and, as the smallest boat in a big class, we were very pleased with the result – you always struggle to find clean air and have fewer tactical choices than the faster boats,” said campaign manager and mainsheet trimmer Graham Sunderland.

The Sigma 33 class proved once again that this 34-year-old one design cruiser-racer is capable of providing extremely close competition. After almost three hours of racing, Jeff Worboys’ Workout crossed the line just eight seconds ahead of Richard Puddifoot’s Whippa Snappa, with T Claridge and J Fox’s Excelle taking third place a shade over two minutes later.


Results - top three in each class

IRC Class 1
1, 5 Degrees West (Keith Mills)
2, Pace (Johnny Vincent)
3, Bronenosec (Igor Frolov)

IRC Class 2
1, Tonnerre De Breskens 3 (P.W. Vroon)
2, Magnum3 (Andrew Pearce)
3, Toe In The Water Too (Capt Lloyd Hamilton MBE)

IRC Class 3
1, Tokoloshe (David Bartholomew)
2, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
3, Premier Flair (Jim Macgregor)

IRC Class 4
1, Strait Dealer (David Franks)
2, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
3, Rhapsodie V (JJ Godet)

IRC Class 5
1, Zarafa (Major Peter Scholfield)
2, Raging Bee (Dussere Louis-Marie)
3, Xcitable (Peter Hodgkinson and Sarah Bailey)

IRC Class 6
1, Etb Tyres Jiggery Pokery (Chaz Ivill)
2, Brightwork (Bob and Jon Baker)
3, Black Diamond (Justin Leese and Mark Brown)

IRC Class 7A
1, Woof (Jo Richards)
2, Fianchetto (Ed Brand)
3, Vinyl Solutions (William Lack)

IRC Class 7B
1, Madelaine (Madelaine and Isobella Donald)
2, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)
3, Mw Dream On (Nathan Cordy)

Contessa 32
1, Blanco (Ray Rouse)
2, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
3, Blue Shark (Ken Mizen and Don Laing)

Cork 1720
1, Crescendo (James W Flynn O.B.E)
2, Midnight Cowboy (Steph Merry)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, Sky Hunter II (Peter Bainbridge)
2, Brevity (Mark Devereux)
3, Thunder Squall (Julian James)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Haggis (Andrew Buchanan, Rebecca Taylor and Stuart Buchanan)
2, Skai (Andrew Yates)
3, Gazelle (Minka Armitage)

1, Dolphin (David N Gower)
2, Dauntless (Giles Peckham, Milo Carver and Richard Romer-Lee)
3, Dynamite (Anthony Balme)

1, Aimee (Graham Bailey)
2, Bertie (Simon Barter)
3, Jerboa (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
3, Furious (Owen Pay)

1, Moonlight (Mark Downer)
2, Stampede (Rob & Ashley Goddard)
3, Exabyte V (Shaun Frohlich)
3, Ziggy (Kevin Downer, Timothy Eccles and Josh Downer)

First 40.7
1, Incognito (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
2, Mitchellson Interceptor (James Wilkie)
3, Anticipation (Peter Newlands)

Flying 15
1, Men Behaving Badly (Rupert and John Mander)
2, Black (Nick Clarke)
3, Ffreefire 20 (Sam Chan)

J/70 (Race 1)
1, Django (Malcolm Jaques, Tristan Jaques, Naomi Rowbotham and Nix Broo)
2, North Sails (Ruairidh Scott)
3, Boats.Com (Ian Atkins)

J/70 (Race 2)
1, North Sails (Ruairidh Scott)
2, Team Rafbf Spitfire (Wing Commander Simon Ling RAF)
3, Wilson Covers (Ian Wilson)

1, J.A.T (Chris Taylor)
2, Doolalli (Colin Simonds and Family)
3, Rascal (Johanna Asplund, Meg Backhouse, Jamie Diamond, Kieren Hill a)

1, Harlequin (Jonathan Calascione and Jonnie Goodwin)
2, Juno (Stanley,Walker and Williams)
3, Designstar 2 (Roger Phillips)

1, Jeez Louise (James Arnell)
2, Shmokin Joe (McDonald/Thomas)
3, McFly (Tony Mack)

1, Dragonfly (Richard Prest)
2, Bluebell (Charles Tilley & Michael Smith)
3, Zara (Will Caws)

1, Buzz (Phil Cotton)
2, Wandering Glider (Matthew West)

Quarter Ton
1, Bullit (Morty)
2, Whiskers (Cat Southworth, Liz Rushall and Lincoln Redding)
3, Magnum Evolution (Eric Reynolds)

1, Quail (B Huber, C Blackburn, A Greene)
2, Harlequin (John Raymond and Matt Alexander)
3, Goose (Major Nick Woolgar and Olav Cole Esq)

RS Elite
1, Kandoo III (Crauford)
2, Aeolus (Jono Brown)
3, Usain Boat (Peter Dudgeon)

SB20 (Race 1)
1, Henri Lloyd / Forelle (Joe Llewellyn)
2, Sportsboatworld.Com (Jerry Hill)
3, Slam (Tim Saxton)

SB20 (Race 2)
1, Sportsboatworld.Com (Jerry Hill)
2, Henri Lloyd / Forelle (Joe Llewellyn)
3, Slam (Tim Saxton)

Sigma 33
1, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
2, Whippa Snappa (Richard J Puddifoot)
3, Excelle (T Claridge and J Fox)

Sigma 38
1, With Alacrity (Chris & Vanessa Choules)
2, Mefisto (Kevin Sussmilch)
3, Light (John & Susan Rainger)

1, Bertie (Alistair Barter and Ed Suckling)
2, Miscreant (David Peerless)
3, Periscope (Peter Collins)

1, Betty (Jon Powell)
2, Crescendo (James W Flynn O.B.E)
3, Clipper Marine B/One (Richard Root)

1, Lady Penelope (Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)
2, Surprise (Duncan Grindley)
3, Squib (Dick Batt)

1, Firefly (Stewart Reed)
2, Melody (Commander John Ford)
3, Fay (Richard Pearson)

Sunsail F40
1, Cardiovascular Health (The Cardiovascular Health Clinic)
2, First Sailing (First Sailing)
3, Schroders Alpha (Schroders Alpha)

1, Marengo (Oliver Sloper)
2, Solitude (Anthony Lunch and Andrew Reid)
3, Cockersootie (Paul Ward)

1, Pelican (Hugh Pringle)
2, Zircon (Gareth Penn)
3, Variety (Janet Dee and Shaun Hopkins)

X One Design
1, Lass (John Tremlett, Jeremy Lear, Richard Jordan and Richard Bullo)
2, Silhouette (Tom Vernon)
3, Felix (Peter Taylor)

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