Carkeek 40 Mk2

Premier Composite Technologies to build new carbon fibre HPR racer, also available in a glass version

Wednesday August 21st 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Arab Emirates

Premier Composite Technologies is preparing to build two new 40 foot race boat in series, the first of which will be available for the 2014 season. This is the latest addition model in the Carkeek Race series which consists of the C 45 and C 60.

Following on from the Carkeek 40s - Stephen Murray’s Decision, and Steve and Heidi Benjamin’s Spookie - Premier Composite Technologies has been chosen to build Carkeek Design Partners’ new Mk II version of the Carkeek 40, an updated second generation boat with subtle improvements to the existing sisterships, which were the first grand prix 40 footers built to the HPR rule.

The first of these new Carkeek 40s has been ordered for a Japanese client who will race primarily on the Asian circuit. Shaun Carkeek and his team are presently completing the fine detail design. The build of the first boat is due to start in September and will launch in March.

The new IRC/HPR 40 MkII is the product of extensive CFD/VPP optimisation and will be built in a full carbon pre-preg/Nomex hull construction. All of the tooling is built in-house. using precision state-of-the-art CNC milling technology. PCT anticipate being able to deliver a second boat within five weeks of the first.

As with the first Carkeek 40s, the boat and rig can be easily packed into a container for shipping. An ORC-optimised package to broaden the potential market has also been developed.

Shaun Carkeek describes the Mk2 40: “It is the next step on in design. In many respects the steps forwards are like those made to each generation of TP52s some years back.

“The first generation boats are the very first HPR designs ever built and as a there was no reference in the market place. The designs are breaking new ground not just in concept but also in size for the concept, light, powerful dual purpose high speed inshore-offshore designs, capable of racing offshore and inshore, easily driven by owner-drivers as well as pros. The owner drivers are delivered a boat which is very manageable, controllable, simple to sail, easy to set up with a wide groove in all conditions. It has a massive amount of fun factor for an affordable price and that is why building these boats in series – with the technology which we have available at Premier Composite Technologies – is one of the attractive aspects. You are getting a lot for your investment.”

Among the key successes enjoyed by Spookie and Decision in 2013 are wins at Block Island Week under IRC, Newport-Bermuda where they paced the TP52s and a R/P 55, Key West under HPR, Miami HPR, Charleston Race Week and Block Island Race Week.

Premier Composite Technologies is also set to build a dual purpose mid-tech Carkeek 40 which will be slanted towards IRC/ORC use. This will be built in E-glass and use the same deck mould as the HPR/IRC 40 Mk II, but with a hull approximately 200mm wider and slightly heavier than the all-carbon version.

“We see it as important for Premier Composite Technologies and for the global market to be able to open the market in a downwards direction also, to be building race boats with a broad appeal by offering excellent, very achievable all round racing performance at a very competitive price. Shaun has proven that he designs nice, fast, successful boats and we are keen to bring them to market at a price owners will find acceptable,” says Max Waimer, Technical Director of Premier Composite Technologies.

Carkeek concludes: “We are branding the MKII Carkeek 40 boats as dual HPR/IRC boats. To be fair most owners are still wanting IRC boats however HPR is establishing itself and the HPR design are winning most IRC events. The other option is this ‘entry level’ IRC boat which shares the same deck but a different hull. The hull is heavier displacement and built in e-glass and gives a similar grand prix feel and style and optimisation but is faster than what you can see out there at the moment.”

“The entry price of US$360,000 for a E glass racer. It is ideal for the owner stepping up from a production IRC racer cruiser, it is a really nice step up for an affordable contemporary race boat which would give you a lot of what you would get in a TP52 or IRC high level grand prix boat.”

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