Gunboat G4 40ft cruiser-racer cat

DNA pen the latest high speed twin hull offering

Tuesday October 8th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: United States

Gunboat has launched a new 40ft coastal cruiser racer that the US-based catamaran manufacturer claims offers "Formula 40 speeds in an easy to handle and forgiving weekender. Unless your fleet includes an AC72, an ORMA 60 or a MOD70, your competition will only see your transoms, which is why your G4 comes clearly marked. You'll be the envy of everyone."

The Gunboat G4 has been developed in collaboration with the DNA Design Team from Holland who have come up with the lines. DNA is best know for their A-Class catamaran that has twice won the World Championship and was the choice of boat for most of the top America's Cup sailors wanting to fast track their understanding of catamaran sailing. 

The G4 is to be built by Holland Composite in epoxy pre-preg carbon fibre with a Nomex core, post-cured in an oven for added strength. All up weight is just 2.4 tonnes.

The boat features T-foil rudders that help to reduce pitching in a seaway and securely hold the bows up when pressed downwind. The daggerboards are C-profile providing vertical lift to the hulls, in turn reducing drag. The boards are symmetric and so can be left down for ease of use.

To handle fore and aft rig loads and to improve forestay tension, the boat features a central spine. On the G4 this is also used as the structural support for a low-slung minimal drag deck saloon, offering full headroom when seated. 

Unusual for a boat of this size is that the mainsheet is operated via a 2:1 purchase by a hydraulic ram with push button controls, operated by the helmsman's feet (which sounds perilous...)

The rotating, wing-section mast is built in T600 carbon fibre and baked in an autoclave and comes with a carbon boom and gooseneck. There are halyard locks. In terms of sails there are main, solent, J1 blade and A3.

In terms of accommodation, the saloon features a galley island, complete with two burner stove top, 100lt fridge and a centrally mounted sink and slide-out coffee table.

There are two queen-sized berths located outboard of the saloon. These offer panoramic top-deck views, abundant ventilation, and a generous sense of space. With guests aboard, these can be separated by privacy curtains, while in the hulls there are singleberths. There is also an enclosed head with standing headroom.

The G4 comes equipped with dual electric ring drives. Solar panels keep the lithium ion batteries charged. For example if the engines are used for 5 minutes, the props are left down for 25 minutes to top up the batteries. When sailing the props fully retract flush into the hull.

For cruising, the Gunboat G4 draws less than 1ft with rudders, daggerboards, and props all fully retracted.


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