Iain Percy in the top job

Artemis Racing's Team Manager on losing Bart, looking back at AC34 and what lies ahead
Iain Percy has made the jump from British Olympic hero and triple medallist to running one of the most powerful America’s Cup teams in an impressively short period. During his build-up to London 2012, Percy was sailing, when he was able to, with the Swedish Artemis Racing team as Terry Hutchinson’s tactician, but when Hutchinson left the team at the end of November 2012, he was bumped up to Sailing Team Director. Then in the latter stages of their campaign for the 34th America’s Cup, he became Team Manager, working alongside the team’s CEO Paul Cayard. With Cayard’s departure from the team, today he is effectively the CEO of Artemis Racing, although as Percy puts it “we didn’t like the term...” Obviously the team as a whole, but in particular Percy, suffered a monumental and devastating blow when in May their first AC72 folded up and capsized, an incident during which Percy’s best friend and Olympic sailing partner Andrew Simpson drowned. “It was really, really tough,” says Percy of how he and those surrounding him dealt with this tragedy. “Every situation you can normally make the best of it and find the positives, but there is nothing good to have come from this, there are no positives and life won’t be the same again for me and certainly not for his family.” Percy admits that initially he contemplated throwing the towel in with the campaign, but then realised that there were another 100 or so personnel and their families working for Artemis Racing and it was important for everyone that the terrible accident was not the concluding moment for the campaign. “It was hard for me, but I think it was the right thing for all the Artemis sailors and families and shore team, but it wasn’t easy. And Andrew would