Selden unveils new furlers

Two models available tailored to different sails

Thursday April 24th 2014, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

Seldén has unveiled two new furling systems, the Seldén CX and Seldén GX, designed for use with a Code 0 or asymmetric spinnaker. The new systems make hoisting, dropping and storing these sails easier and safer, giving more sailors access to the increased power, acceleration and sailing enjoyment that 'off-the-wind' sails can offer.

The Seldén CX furling system is designed for use with the Code 0 sail, while the Seldén GX is optimised for top-down furling of asymmetric spinnakers. Both systems are operated with an endless furling line running over a line driver drum.

Both systems are easy to fit to new and existing sails. Seldén has developed a purpose-made Anti-Torsion (AT) cable specifically for the systems. This is included with the Seldén GX furlers, as a rigid AT-cable is essential for fast and efficient top-down furling. Seldén’s AT-cable is the most rigid on the market, more than three times more rigid than its nearest competitor.

Features of both the Seldén CX and Seldén GX furlers include:

- Metal teeth in the drum, making for a good grip on the line when furling the sail
- A wedge in the line guide separating the line from the drum when unfurling the sail allowing the drum to spin freely
- Sealed steel bearings in the drum and in the halyard swivel for long service life
- Rubber fenders preventing the halyard swivel from chafing the mast while hoisting the furled sail
- Structural parts made of high-strength Duplex stainless steel, meaning reduced material and low weight
- Non-structural parts made of impact resistant glass fibre reinforced polyamide composite

Combining different products from the systems gives sailors the ultimate in flexibility. For example; a Seldén CX drum can be combined with a Free Tack Adapter and a GX halyard swivel to allow top down furling of an asymmetric spinnaker/gennaker.

Accessories, like the Seldén Double Fairhead, which prevents the endless furling line getting tangled up and whose smooth stainless bracket prevents friction, mean that sailors can put together a complete furling system adapted to their needs.

The comprehensive range of accessories also includes an adapter adding a tack swivel to a Seldén CX furler, allowing the Seldén CX drum to be used for both Code 0 and asymmetric spinnakers. The adapters feature Seldén's patented line lock and Torlon ball bearings. A Low Friction Shackle, which can be used to tension a Seldén CX with 2:1 purchase, is also available. This high-strength Duplex steel Shackle, with mirror finish, not only makes for better performance but also makes it easier to connect the Seldén CX to a bowsprit from the foredeck.

The Seldén CX furling kit for Code 0 sails comes with drum and halyard swivel. It has a spring loaded lock making it easier to connect the thimbles to the drum and the halyard swivel. The drum and furling line can be permanently mounted to the bow and along the stanchions. Seldén GX

The Seldén GX furling kit comes with an AT-cable developed specifically for the system by Seldén, as well as drum and halyard swivel. The Seldén GX has a patented line lock for easy mounting of the AT-cable to the drum and to the halyard swivel.


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