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Hydros.ch sets Blue Ribbon record

Flying Swiss cat demolishes passage time on Lake Geneva

Tuesday May 6th 2014, Author: James Boyd, Location: Switzerland

The hydrofoil catamaran Hydros.ch, skippered by Daniel Schmäh, smashed its own record on Saturday morning covering the 66.5 nautical miles (123km) passage between le Port Noir and Le Bouveret and back in 4 hours 30 minutes. This improved on the previous Lake Geneva Blue Ribbon record by 15 minutes, following on the 8 minutes shaved off the existing record on 20 August 2013 that had been previously been set by Philippe Cardis in his Décision 35 in 2007. This exceptional performance, an improvement of more than 10% in comparison to that of Décision 35, is in no small part due to the hydrofoils with which Hydros.ch is equipped.

Setting off at 09.33, Hydros.ch reached Le Bouveret at 12:18, after 2 hours 45 minutes of determined sailing against a head wind, but covered the return journey to le Port Noir in a record time of only 1 hours 30 minutes. This performance is subject to official approval by the CVSNG (Yacht Club of the Société Nautique de Genève).

Three of the most prestigious records on Lake Geneva are now held by hydrofoils, the Blue Ribbon (Geneva-Le Bouveret-Geneva): 4 hours 30 minutes, the Kilometer Record: 31.4 knots and the Hour Record: 25.63 knots.

"Benefitting from magnificent wind conditions, we were able to easily navigate certain trickier passages with a weaker wind, especially from the Evian shore, to make a very fast return run in the Petit Lac, tacking only four times," recounted Daniel Schmäh. "Hydros.ch, with its high performance hydrofoils is a genuine high-tech platform, which has again today showed that the innovative hydrofoil boat concept here to stay and it will revolutionize the world of sailing."

With this latest success, obtained in the Syz&CO Leman Sailing Speed Records, held this weekend, the team sponsored by the Lombard Odier Group has proven the worth of four years of technological development, which also won it second place in the International C-Class Catamaran Championship, also known as the Little America's Cup, last September in Falmouth. Hydrofoil catamarans will have pride of place in September 2015 in Geneva, when the 27th International C-Class Catamaran Championship (aka Little America's Cup) will be hosted by the Société Nautique de Genève.

The Hydros.ch crew for 3 May: Daniel Schmäh (skipper), Yves Courvoisier, Jérémie Lagarrigue, Guillaume Coyon, Guillaume Sangiardi

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