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Star sailors gather on Lake Garda

World top sailors gathering at Malcesine this week

Sunday June 29th 2014, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy

Over Monday, 30 June until next Saturday Star Sailors from across the world will come together in Malcesine, Italy at Fraglia Vela Malcesine to compete in the 2014 International Star Class World Championship on Lake Garda.

90 teams will participate in the six race series.

This year the Star Class World Championship regatta’s media coverage will include Virtual Eye tracking and for the first time ever will be accompanied by LIVE online broadcasting and commentary provided by the Star Sailors League.

Anticipation and expectations for this year’s 2014 International Star Class World Championship are high and the competition within the Star fleet has already proven to be fierce with the attendance of over 20 of the International Star Class’ most successful members, making up a total of 15 teams.

Within 10 of the top 15 Star teams racing this week, 11 of the individual sailors have competed in the Olympics, four of which won medals, and 7 are International Star Class World Champions. Olympic competitors Include: skippers Torben Grael (BRA), Alex Hagen (GER), Flavio Marazzi (SUI), Eivind Melleby (NOR), Emilios Papathanasiou (GRE), Mark Reynolds (USA), Xavier Rohart (FRA), and Robert Stanjeck (GER) as well as crews Bruno Prada (BRA), Antonis Tsotras (GRE), and Frithjof Kleen (GER).

Among the Olympic competitors, Torben Grael won Gold Medals in 1996 and 2004 as well as Bronze Medals in 1988 and 2000, Mark Reynolds won Gold Medals in 1992 and 2000 as well as a Silver Medal in 1988, Xavier Rohart won a Bronze Medal in 2004, and Star crew Bruno Prada won a Silver Medal in 2008 and a Bronze Medal in 2012. International Star Class World Champions present at this year’s event include skippers Roberto Benamati (ITA), Torben Grael (BRA), Alex Hagen (GER), Mark Reynolds (USA), Xavier Rohart (FRA), and George Szabo (USA), as well as crew Bruno Prada (BRA).

Other notable Star sailors in the top 15 Star teams are Lars Grael with crew Samuel Goncalves (BRA), Hubert Merkelbach with crew Gerrit Bartel (GER), Diego Negri with crew Sergio Lambertenghi (ITA), Johannes Polgar with crew Markus Koy (GER), and Augie Diaz with crew Arnis Baltins (USA).

The Star Sailors League’s live Virtual Eye with broadcasting and commentary is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Monday June 30, at 12:20 (CET) just before the 12:30 Start of Race 1 of the 2014 International Star Class World Championship.

Lars Grael, International Star Class Yacht Racing Association President: “We are going to have a very nice event with 90 Stars. We’re going to have quantity of boats and quality, lots of famous sailors, many World Champions, European, North American, South American Champions of the Silver Star, and a very nice place, which is a paradise, Lake Garda. The Championship so far has been very well organized so we have very good expectations about the Championship.”



AUT Koechert Wolfgang
AUT Wirth Harald
AUT Scheinecker Christian
BRA Bellotti Marcelo
BRA Grael Torben Schmidt
BRA Reis Luiz Andre
BRA Pascolato Alessandro
BRA Fuchs Marcelo
BRA Viegas Frederico
BRA Grael Lars Schmidt
BRA Gonzaga Neto Admar
CRO Arapov Mate
CRO Lovrovic Jr Marin
DEN Svendsen Jorgen
FIN Leskinen Petri
FRA Dabry Raoul
FRA Rohart Xavier
GER Nolte Robin
GER Kohler Thomas
GER Spehr Helge
GER Diercks Jochen
GER Hagan Alex
GER Kappes Klaus
GER Stoll Bernd
GER Schott Tobias
GER Mellis Joerg
GER Girr Fritz
GER Glunde Arnd
GER Stanjek Robert
GER Paucksch Christian
GER Thurner Frank
GER Soellner Walter
GER Rauch Hubert
GER Von Linde Florian
GER Schmidt Reinhard
GER Polgar Johannes
GER Merkelbach Hubert
GER Helmsing John
GRE Papathanasiou Emilios
HUN Forintos Robert
HUN Tenke Tibor
ITA Battistin Gabriele
ITA Papini Filippo
ITA Benamati Roberto
ITA Angiolini Marco
ITA Avancini Fabiano
ITA Benamati Michele
ITA De Bernardi Stefano
ITA Balderi Antonio
ITA Moschioni Vito
ITA Mazzeo Giovanni
ITA Poggi Giampiero
ITA Irrera Renato
ITA Fravezzi Albino
ITA Nazzaro Paolo
ITA Boggi Lucio
ITA Borroi Mario
ITA Gallone Claudio
ITA Falciola Guido
ITA Canali Massimo
ITA Leardini Davide
ITA Insom Paolo
ITA Negri Diego
NED Jorissen Sander
NOR Melleby Eivind
POL Stawiany Ireneusz
RUS Zhivotovskiy Alexey
RUS Berezhnoy Andrei
SUI Guidoux Vincent
SUI Niklaus Michel
SUI Juchli Roman
SUI Kulpe Boris
SUI Infanger Urs
SUI Marazzi Flavio
SUI Gautschi Christoph
SUI Ryffel Juerg
SUI Chatagny Jean-Pascal
SWE Krook Ingvar J
SWE Dahlen Erik
SWE Muller Jan
SWE Edwall Lars
SWE Lofstedt Tom
UKR Khashina Denis
USA Szabo George
USA Reynolds Mark
USA Diaz Augie

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