Artemis Racing enters Bermuda Gold Cup

Strong field for next month's Argo Group-backed match racing bonanza

Tuesday September 9th 2014, Author: Talbot Wilson, Location: Bermuda

In an exciting decision for the Alpari World Match Racing Tour and the Argo Group Gold Cup, Artemis Racing will come to Bermuda in October for the 2014 Argo Group Gold Cup match racing.

The team will enter with its crew composed of Artemis Racing’s helmsman Nathan Outteridge, Team Manager Iain Percy, and crewmembers Iain Jensen and Christian Kamp. They will join the 20-team fleet in the next battle for the King Edward VII Gold Cup.

“Artemis Racing will be an exciting addition to the 2014 Argo Group Gold Cup,” said Past Commodore Brian Billings. “With the addition of Artemis Racing, we will have two promising America’s Cup challengers represented in Bermuda. Francesco Bruni, Team Luna Rossa helmsman, will return to defend his 2013 Argo Group Gold Cup title. We hope to see some exciting matches between these two teams.”

Iain Percy and Nathan Outteridge commented on the Argo Group Gold Cup and racing on the Tour as training for the America’s Cup 35 racing coming on them quickly.

"Ben [Ainslie], myself and the rest of the Origin team enjoyed a lot of success on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour, especially in Bermuda, where we always felt at home," explains Iain Percy. "The reality though was it took our team, and my partnership with Ben, almost a year to develop before we found success in this style of racing. Artemis are lucky to also have Christian Kamp, who was another consistent member of Origin match race squad with us, and between Christian and myself we will have to try and remember how we used to sail the classic IODs!

"At the end of the day the America’s Cup is a match race. As a team, we are relatively inexperienced on the match racing side and so the Gold Cup is a great opportunity to practice.

Last year Percy and Ainslie were defeated in the final by Francesco Bruno and his Luna Rossa crew. Percy comments: "Bruni and the Luna Rossa boys sailed really excellently in last year’s final, and we were comprehensively beaten. We had been out of the match racing game for a while and were impressed by the improvement not only of Bruni but the rest of the Tour teams. It will be extremely difficult for Nathan in his first match race competition and for us as a new team, but I know we will all enjoy the challenge and take a lot from the lessons.

Nathan Outteridge commented: "Obviously it will be very different from what I am used to. The classic IOD style of boats is nothing like the foiling machines that I am used to sailing. Having said this Iain has sailed this style of boat quite a bit. I'm sure with his guidance I will do just fine."

We plan to come over a few days before the event to get some training in on the boats and also learn the waters. It will be the first time the four of us, Iain, Goobs (Iain Jensen), Christian and myself, would have ever raced together. It will be important for us to make the most of the training time.

Taylor Canfield (USVI) the 2013 Tour winner, ISAF World Champion and winner of the King Edward VII Gold Cup in 2012 will also be back in the chase for his 2nd Gold Cup title.

“The Argo Gold Cup is a classic event on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour,” Canfield said. “It allows younger up and coming teams to get a taste of the Tour and a chance to compete against the best match race teams in the world.”

All of the eight Alpari World Match Racing Tour (Alpari WMRT) Card Holders will sail in Bermuda. Tour Card Holders for 2014 include Francesco Bruni (ITA) Luna Rossa Challenge, Bjorn Hansen (SWE) eWork Sailing Team, Taylor Canfield (USVI) US One Sailing Team, David Gilmour (AUS) Team Gilmour, Mathieu Richard (FRA) Luna Jets, Phil Robertson (NZL) WAKA Racing Team, Keith Swinton (AUS) Alpari Team FX, Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar.

11 more teams have confirmed their invitations to compete and one teams has yet to confirm its participation.


Skipper ISAF Country Racing Team
Williams, Ian 1 GBR GAC Pindar
Canfield, Taylor 2 ISV USone
Richard, Mathieu 3 FRA LunaJets
Hansen, Bjorn 4 SWE Hansen Sailing Team
Swinton, Keith 6 AUS Team Alpari FX
Morvan, Pierre-Antoine 7 FRA Equipe de France
Robertson, Phil 9 NZL WAKA Racing
Linberg, Staffan 10 FIN Alandia Sailing Team
Monnin, Eric 11 SUI Swiss Match Race Team
Gilmour, David 12 AUS Team Gilmour
Berntsson, Johnie 15 SWE Stena Sailing Team
Herreman, Arthur 21 FRA Team Herreman
Stanczyk, Marek 22 POL
Bruni, Francesco 29 ITA Luna Rossa
Poole, Chris 30 USA Riptide Racing
Storrs, David 47 USA  
Fraser, Lance 57 BER Digicel Bermuda
Nathan Outteridge SWE Artemis Racing
Kempe, Somers - Nat Ch - BER Raymarine/Ocean Electronics

Match racing for the King Edward VII Gold Cup Trophy is scheduled to start Tuesday October 21st on Hamilton Harbour in Bermuda. The finals are scheduled for Sunday 26 October.

The 2014 event will be sailed with the same 20-team format used in 2013. This Argo Group Gold Cup format is unique on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour and it allows for two 10-team groups.  Skippers in each group are ranked and divided by Alpari World Match Racing Tour officials and the organizers at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Rankings in the groups are based on AWMRT and ISAF rankings and other performance factors. Each group will sail a round robin with their top four teams moving directly to the quarterfinals.

At the 2013 Argo Group Gold Cup, Iain Percy was awarded the Wedgwood Heritage Trophy. It is presented to the sailor who best represents the traditional values and history of sailing. Percy exhibited these values in his tireless efforts on behalf of the Argo Group Gold Cup and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in all of his work with the junior sailors and on behalf of his efforts to establish the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.Percy and Team Artemis will compete in the 2014 Argo Group Gold Cup October 21-26 at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

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